Saturday, December 26, 2009

dear nicole and darci,

i kinda sorta really really wanna do my hair like this...alot blonder and shorter and keep growing my bangs out(they are getting real to my cheek bones))...three years ago i woulda done it in a seen the picture and handed nicole the kitchen scissors...but's just that i have been growing it for oh so long, you know? maybe i should just keep growing the bangs and do a long version...why do i project things into my hair? any ways its a real cute cut for sure
love, shauna
ps. sorry i always put stress into changing my hair and damage it... also the day i am content with life i probably won't make u change a thing...until then soourry
pps...ur guys comments to the utah ten gang are still my favorite and sometimes on bad days i read them and do some lol-ing so thanks for being good friends and not only not being embarassed by me...but maybe liking me more for it...

Friday, December 18, 2009

you should see the other girl

it is kinda real fun to have a beat up* makeup face when people think it is real and react funny(i take it as a compliment to my work)
atleast until you get to the gas station and maybe think the cute guy next to you is totally checking you out...until you realize it is actually concern for your face, or fear you are about to steal his the romantic comedy meet-cute for another day and another kind of makeup i guess *sigh*

don't worry guys it was just makeup...but i am flattered you thought it was real...i am real into doing makeup right now and have some fun things happening with is mandy:

i loved how the bruises on her neck turned out...(which by the way...if u saw a girl with bruises looking like someone grabbed her neck would you ask what happened? lots of people did and i thought it was weird)

it all looked alot better in real life because we shot these at night, inside, with poor lighting...and some flash...also my other disclaimer is that my makeup kit from school is basically one of those awful makeup palletes your mom gives you from CVS when you are too young to wear makeup

*just so we are clear likeing to do fake bruises in no way means i support abuse or unnecessitated** violence...(maggie can u have an ** within an *?)
**while i won the battle with the genius father (literally not sarcastically)saying that there was such a word as necessitate...he didn't believe until i showed it to him in a dictionary made of paper...none of this online anything goes stuff...however such a shallow victory...if there is an unnecassary, then why in sam's hill is there not an unnecessitate...i will store and use it in the same category as romantical...another word i am still baffled doesn't exist and am optimistic that it will

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

empty nesters

while most parents really seem to want to get their children to move out of the house and fly on thier own two wings...mine have been taking drastic measures to ensure that i stay here for life....this is now a permanent resident in my room....truth be told i am still kind of scared of it
so on days like know exacly where to find me...
someone come watch christmas movies with me...i have two comforters and like fifty pillows so i promise u will be cozy

Monday, December 7, 2009

blue blue christmas

some people dream of white christmas' thanks i will take mine sandy and by a beach...good thing i live here...laguna had the hospitality with santa,music, trolleys and treats....not to mention the best kind of snow...fake.

my favorite were the kids letters jaymi and em made for santa's house...they copied them from real kids letters...
it also may look like i toned my hair despite jaymi and kirby telling me it was the color i wanted now making it appear to now be brown...ummm definately not? eeerrrrrrr

Saturday, November 28, 2009

i'm no julie...

so i make headbands and put them on really cute babies to hide the fact that i am not as talented...but she is who taught me how to crochet me so i may have picked up some tips from the master ...
and i am gonna start selling have a baby and buy a headband thanks
and they stay on even if you are upside down
and i have been working on some for biger girls my size

Saturday, November 21, 2009

i wouldn't touch you with a thirty nine and a half foot pole

that maybe his head was screwed on too tight
or it must be his heart
was two sizes too small
(the grinch who stole christmas...)
the winner is moriah(who has nothing to do with the post title ...that was also from the grinch)
and she is family but i didn't pick it..ashli did...who is also family but i promise we didn't cheat
and yes we are watching christmas movies to get ready for disneyland and thanksgiving and the glorious day of my birth... all of which actually have nothing to do with christmas movies ...and i still want a teacup pig

Friday, November 20, 2009

wee wee wee all the way home

so i still need to draw a winner...but like i can think of anything other than these adorable teacup pigs ever since a friend at school told me about them.....and being as it is my 25th birffday on tuesday (ewww) i feel now is an opportune time to say that this is all i want in life....seriously i need one i have been googling them all night...(not like the way we googled boys corine but like literally on the internet) preferably an all pink one...thanks

Thursday, November 12, 2009

once is not enough

cuz i may have watched THIS all night with kirb the other day...seriously he is adorable ...sooo do i upload videos from the internet?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


ok so i am still not done editing these...i know i know...and these were also taken by david bourne...but since i am helping i feel like i get to say that they are by david and me...hey its my blog....
also alot of times i run into people who say that they look at this blog...and i never knew because they don't leave a comment....well not alot but to me it is....i love knowing my friends look or even people i don't here is the bribe...leave a comment...actually leave as many as u want...and i will draw a name...and whoever i draw can have a drawing or painting of them or whatever they want ( but not like an entire family please...limit of two peeps in a pic) or any print of anything posted so far or i can take your's your call, along with a few other handmade goodies...maybe not the best incentive but atleast it will force me to get a piece done....
should you choose to accept you have until ...umm...fri?
the only rule is that you can't say anything mean...oh and mom you can't compete it would be anticlimatic...and also brittany it would be really great if you won cuz i am almost done with your bday present...from last year...ok ...
i dare you

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

and that's the way it's been

we met summer before 8th grade...we both faint, mumble, and prefer most bugs and animals to humans...we haven't had the best luck with boys in a very parallel kinda way, she was my friend in highschool...which if you've seen the pictures says alot, we ditched school to hang out with bums at the beach *(which she crushed on...but in her defense he was hot), ate salad on halloween, spent more hours writing songs in a walmart parking lot than we ever did in a mall...and she can keep up with my taco bell and csi marathons better than anyone i know...all i know is i am lucky to have another-half-best-friend....who else would tribal dance uncrontrollably around the kitchen island with me so loud the neighbors heard...or try and hide in my bed from my mom and dad (when we were 22?) and think it was so funny?

so when i run out of gas on my own street at 8 in the morning convinced i am about to be kidnapped and put in some persons trunk...
she is the one i call and the one who comes flying to my rescue...

the girl can pretty much breathe under water
jane and aleesha yours are almost done...

* just kidding mom we would never

Monday, November 2, 2009

i was born a unicorn

these are the only pictures i got...but felt it necassary to prove that i got rob to be a unicorn with me...which pretty much meant i got to wear my own clothes and wear sparkley makeup and a horn...
sorry these pics aren't the cant even see my silver stirup leggings from 4th grade....also i feel this picture demonstrates that halloween doesn't look quite right without your girlfriends there...although i do love looking short

Saturday, October 24, 2009

chopped liver

dear mom,

so glad you're here!! im glad i picked you to be my mom...and i'm glad we get to live together and watch romantic girl movies together, and never ever talk about kissing again...and im glad we look alike...

love your favorite daughter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i will probably still google models

but i thought it was cool and a good message...
but i am stil obsessed with this...
and i am still stuck sick at home...boring.
and now i just want a really good photoshop program...
but maybe that's not what i was supposed to take away from it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

reality bites

i have always preferred to create my own realities rather than pay attention to real ones ...especially visually...and lately i am obsessed with terrariums...i want one...i want my own little ferngully thumbelina in a jar almost all ready to begin

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

come again some other day

i for one am not excited for fall ...
so i can wear boots and scarfs and beanies...
it's southern california i could wear a fur coat with a bikini in august and noone would care...
so i really feel no need for this cold weather and am already itching for summer....i mean i love the holidays and cozy rainy weekends, but what it really comes down to is that i just feel like my summer was too short so it didn't get out of my system and i am land locked from a tropical dream vacation due to school!!! so it's tropical dreams for me...(dont worry once christmas lights up i will be just fine...cuz you were worried)
oh to be little and dirty and beachy all the day long....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

what could possibly be more embarassing than actually attending legally blonde...the musical?

probably getting caught in the bathroom with a bestie taking lame pictures of yourselves
(i mean come on they wouldn't let us eat so bad choices about time killing were bound to happen)
and acually being blonde while there....
yup all of these are historical facts that actually occured... i know im still upset about it too...lucky my friends also were aware of how ridiculous it was too and so it was super fun...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's a lotta things about me you don't know anything about, Dottie. Things you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand.

text recieved during the movie:
not me:what are you doing?
me: watching pee-wee's big adventure in the hollywood cemetery
not me:why?
me: why would i not be?!
and then we died...
then after we died i tried to chose between the dark hole below or the light from above...while britt found out heaven looks just like a page out of vogue...(seriously be a model already)
every summer hollywood forever has old movie screenings...most are scary and you can bring food and drinks and sit with hundreds of others in a graveyard ...oh did i mention pee wee and some of the other cast were really there?

cute as

while recently i have made the decision to wait until after i die to find my better half and:
a. marry a celestial being (if they let me in...which, if a utah blogger is at the gates i may be in bad form*)
b. just get there and marry one of my friends husbands...(cuz they may have been the last good ones and actually are the only unrelated boys to have really seen me grub hard eat harder and be crazy even more hardily)however this is only reliable if they both die before me..i mean really i'd be marring them for thier wives....get real (also if you are reading this and it makes no sense...just...well...i will explain when you're older)

but then i hang out with this cutest-monkey-button and i change my's are too romantic i think....and anyways some of my "if we aren't married by's" are coming up so things could still happen

*this is said with all due respect, i almost entirely kidding around, (and i dont really think i will get essays on why i probably will not are currently not necassary, im still sorting through the last ones...but thanks),come on i had to take some shots...besides i think they are all gone
also i still promise i like boys (even the ones currently on earth) and promise this is not a dating themed blog... new souls are just too cute to not make you want one...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i wanna be where the people are

sometimes the outcome is so much cooler than the execution really was
i definitely had water running out of my nose the entire time
(since when can i not go under water without it going up my nose?)
(and more importantly why was no one else having that problem?)
while we choked and coughed
and dave patiently held the shutter down despite the fact i could not stop
choking (and maybe burping)and can only hold my breath for like 2.5 seconds
and everyone at the pool was deeply concerned about our desire to get in the water while still in clothes...and by concerned i mean they thought we were insane
i still don't know how drew made it look so easy...
how do you hold your breath while looking like you are not holding your breath?
or not looking like you may have held your breath too long and died?

but teen is such a good mermaid
and dave rocks at photography and patience....
and i, well i have always been an a+ flail-er...
(dave are you proud that i actually edited something of yours and got it done?)
aleesha and jen you are up next