Thursday, October 1, 2009

i wanna be where the people are

sometimes the outcome is so much cooler than the execution really was
i definitely had water running out of my nose the entire time
(since when can i not go under water without it going up my nose?)
(and more importantly why was no one else having that problem?)
while we choked and coughed
and dave patiently held the shutter down despite the fact i could not stop
choking (and maybe burping)and can only hold my breath for like 2.5 seconds
and everyone at the pool was deeply concerned about our desire to get in the water while still in clothes...and by concerned i mean they thought we were insane
i still don't know how drew made it look so easy...
how do you hold your breath while looking like you are not holding your breath?
or not looking like you may have held your breath too long and died?

but teen is such a good mermaid
and dave rocks at photography and patience....
and i, well i have always been an a+ flail-er...
(dave are you proud that i actually edited something of yours and got it done?)
aleesha and jen you are up next


  1. ummmm. these are the coolest pictures EVER!!!
    I love love all of them,
    and shauna
    and kristine.

  2. oh oh ohhh! I love these. Dave- you did a great job. wish i was there. you both look dreamy.