Tuesday, August 31, 2010

paper or plastic

so for britts bridesmaids gifts she gave each "maid" a flower for her hair...i was in charge of packaging....
tags for the flowers...
say what you will about embossing...my love for it is as strong as it was in 1994...and yes i still have the dryer thing for it

i thought it would be a cute picture to hang all these from my window beam to take a picture...which is probably true..about as true as the fact i have the worlds worst balance and then proceeded to fall knocking over my beloved grass (to em's literal delight...such an earth hater) getting dirt all over my carpet like in the adds they have where they are always throwing dirt and wine on everything...oh and managing to smack my head on my bed, knee on my dresser, and shoulder on a laundry basket...

so then i just took a picture of a pile of them. i had all the burlap and felt flowers from when darci and i had a burlap felt obsession....a pretty big obsession i might add

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ace high

this is real behind but awhile ago beckie was kind enough to take me on a weekend getaway....we went to palm springs and stayed at the ace hotel....i am obsessed with it...and still kicking myself for not bringing a good camera
it's decorated kinda like a guy version of anthro meets swim club/summer camp in the seventies...
and all the food is healthy yummy organic (and for beckie free range) goodness...which is important since my vacations (life) revolve around food pretty much
and they serve all the water in these and for some reason i was obsessed with it and plan on doing it in my own house...i practically overdosed on water just so i could refill my glass
and you get the worlds coziest robes (don't even start me on the bed...we were like stripping it of sheets to find out what kind it was...literally) i wore mine the minute we walked in the door and slept in it...for some reason beckies was a normal robe normal but mine was a hobbit one

and being as i love anything 80 year olds love we had to go to bingo night
where we were serenaded by this gem of a lady
all in all perfect getaway...thanks becks!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

coming to earth day

julie i am so glad you were born and that we came to earth at the same time...i wanted to take a picture with you on your birthday but you and i haven't seen eachother in way too long so i didn't know what to do...then i remembered you made me a shirt with your face on it

then i remembered lots of reasons i love you *
  • i love that you make people shirts with your face on it...and that you wear one too
  • i love that you wore heelies for the majority of our early twenties
  • i love that you married one of my favorite guy friends so i can be best friends with both of you for life
  • i love your guns and roses tattoo you got when you were fifteen by a guy named mush
  • i love that everykind of clothes look good on you (ex:tucked in shirts)
  • i love that you are the only person i trust to belay me when we rock climb even though you are half my size and i love that you are better at rock climbing then 97% of boys ( i haven't met the other three percent im just assuming they have to be out there...i just haven't gotten here yet so haven't run into them)
  • i love that we all took surveys about aliens and abductions from students for no reason at byu idaho
  • i love that my mom says you are the most creative person she knows (i do not love that)
  • i that you can do better butterfly knife tricks then any boy we have met
  • i love that you wrote inmates on death row and have two boxes full of serial killer books that i could only make it halfway through before getting scared every boy i met wanted to murder me
  • i love that you are a master at every creative hobby invented (and that when ours overlap you tell me how good mine is even though yours are always better)
  • i love that you made fun of people who thought their dogs were like humans and now you do too
  • i love all your best fantasy novel recommendations (still love the mistborn series)
  • i love that you say prayers for me
  • i love that people think we are sisters
  • i love that my best friends are your sisters
*this list is in no particular order and is not limited to.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

another bestie married
she made a beautiful bride...duh
i helped and was in charge of getting flowers there...and they actually made it...which is double amazing given the fact that i was taking pictures of them while driving on the freeway...atleast i wasn't texting
windswept bridesmaids
karen did such a good job on the all the flowers! and this morning i woke up craving their cake...sooo good

love you so so much moose i'm so glad we are best friends and im glad you found a good husband to love you're gonna be an amazing wife!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

so sue me

happy birthday baby ru!! cutest three months i've ever seen
i promise to do a post related to something other than babies or plants any day now

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


this pretty lady turned 80
so ashli uncle john and i made a game all about her life
game host uncle john ( whom one of my nephews requested seeing ""his guns please"")
only the thing you need to know about games and my family is we tend to get reallll competitive and things can get dirty
i mean just a little
and obviously grandma's favorites were the winning team...maybe next year guys

Monday, August 9, 2010

just keep on shaking your love

i cant keep my shutter still there...i know i kinda geek out for plants... and im a huge sucker for anything mossy...portland you have my visual heart

Thursday, August 5, 2010


when my brother and i were younger we would carve nike swooshes into our ankles with exacto knives to make us run faster and jump higher* ...totally normal **

so it was only fitting that we snuck away for a minute to check out the portland nike town while in the home state of the nike campus
and my very first crush had his very own room
they told me no photos when they saw my camera but ...I HAVE TO SEE MICHAEL I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM (jules and corine i hope you got that girl reference)
*it works best in the summer so you can tan around the scab ...its much more visible when you pick it off that way...you know just if you wanted to try it for some extra speed or something
** also i know it works cuz this handsome brother of mine can dunk with either hand or both taking off from either foot (and he's only 5'11''...so don't think it's a height card...not that 5'11'' is short dave) suck on that doubters

Monday, August 2, 2010

i can't even think of a worthy title

teen and i are taking dance classes this fall...it will probably look a little something like this...i was reminded this dreamboat movie comes out this weekend...how could i have not counted down? im sure i have a hip hop paperchain somewhere for it


i may not win mother of the year for laying a baby on the ground in the grass and dirt...but it does take some cute pics

this may be turning into a baby blog...i may not care...i may be obsessed with this girl...and her nose...and her cheeks... i may not have made the baby but i did make the headband...props to me