Wednesday, April 21, 2010

on the other side

man i should have posted pics of grass on the 20th..oh is my grass...
i have been growing it...and it jumps up taller every time i am not looking, this is one nights difference...i am very proud...they have pots of self growing stuff in the dollar section at target...the dollar section that costs me ten dollars every get a little teeny pot, seeds and these cool dirt pellets all for one obviously i bought like 5...and a pack of wild flowers(on my return visit along with basil chives and oregano...oops) should go buy some...they make a good visiting teaching present too...britt we should probly do fault i know... my room is gonna be a jungle...and if grass growing isn't blog worthy i don't know what is ...
and if you think this is boring then you obviously hate the earth and in that case you shouldn't be reading my hater...
i cant help it i'm just so inspired by this time of year...visual candy i've been watching way to much planet earth and portland is like a romantic adult sized fern gully...its inspiring some pieces i really like but aren't quite blog ready yet


  1. I felt like this when I got food from Nicoles garden last year. Just amazed at plants. Like really? you just put a seed in the ground and add water and it turns into this actual plant? and you can eat it? how cool is that. I was freaking out at Cole's cause it was huge vegetables and crap. But you can eat grass too. So i'm freaking out at this little miracle just as much.

  2. I really want some grass now.

  3. i totally just went out and bought grass, a tree, marigolds, zinnias and a sunflower from the dollar section in target. hahah

  4. Oh I planted my chives, oregano, basil, tomatoes, radishes, grass and tree yesterday!!! I hope they don't die when we're away!