Tuesday, March 29, 2011

if wishes were horses

it's a blogging miracle...remember how i said i wanted a typewriter... well a saint of a friend saw that i wanted one and gave me one!! i love it! the minute i started typing i was right back to when i was little and i would pull out our old typewriter and draft up real important documents for the neighborhood kids...i'm super excited...i just need to get some new ink and then i am set...also isn't it weird that they don't have the number 1 button on them? and yet they had room for a 1/2 and 1/4 button...
also if you are not reading my blog in google reader sorry all the pics get cut off now...it's the sacrifice for having them bigger

Saturday, March 26, 2011

help...two things...that's a lie three...

one.i found these oldies and even though i am now kinda agaisnt this style (you know why) i still like these...(the subjects are ashley and kirby)

2. i really want an online portfolio of stuff i make and shoot for job applications and have no clue how to or where to fnd someone to make me one...help and names please...also if possible i would like it to only be viewed by people i send the link to...but i digress
3. did a brazilian blowout...which i am always a cheerleader for...but somewhere in the last few years of life i've become someone with thin hair (why did i hate thick hair and skinniness in highschool...i deserve whatever punishment i get)..so now i have thin straight hair and have no idea how to do it...now i know all my friends have hoards of hair inspiration pictures...so send them my way ....please....and thanks

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


happy birthday ash..lylacs
i wish i had time to scan in anew picture of us.. there are so many i love but im glad we had fun today instead


A...i really want a type writer...i'd love to incorporate it into some of my pieces...and we had one until like two years ago...devastated
B....i aso want a letter press just and maybe more as badly (that was not a correct sentence was it?) then i could write all sorts of letters....speaking of i laughed a nerdy long time at these
3. i am hip hop ( that was for the bestestes...do you remember that? it still makes me laugh...i miss those times real bad )

if i just had a letterpress i would write important letters too
found here and to buy here
 and sorry all the pics ot cut off if you are not in reader but if they were smaller they were hard to read...someone teach me how to reformat this thing

Saturday, March 19, 2011

of my eye

some of my favorite drawings are just simple ones from beginning drawing classes...i think it's good to take them every now and then no matter where your skill level is at...anyone in for next term?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

all the hope that i have sent to you

you can turn it if you want but its intended sideways like the top one..this is one of the few times i prefer the original over a photo of it...i think it is a little softer in real life then in photos..the white stamps are stamped mushrooms from the backyard...and yup still not over ripping paper apparently
oh and its a drawing from one of miss maile's self portrait photos (the photo was originally more upside down just to be noted)... she is as pretty as she is talented...and if you are a hair fan you will wanna stalk her
 for sure

alternate ending

texts between the mom and i:
me:so are these healthy or a treat?
mom: more healthy then a cookie less then spinach...but the freshest flour around!
me: well either way i am eating them all
mom: that would be bad
me: so like as healthy as one of my granola bars but not as healthy as yours?

this should have been the ending of the last post but here's what the homemade wheat turned into
so yummy...kinda fall tasting but lets be honest fall tastes the best when its warm outside and winter isn't looming in the near future
if you want the recipe i will happily email it to you also the baking cups are from mothers and they have unbleached all natural ones...lori wanted you to know that

flour power

so lucky for us my parents still have their wheat grinder from (pre) 1975...and tonite we were talking about what herbs we would grow this summer and looking at this book...and feeling all farmy
so we decided to get it out and make some and turn this...

to this...
and even if we didn't use the hand crank it felt very farm fresh of us
also i totally forgot that as a child my dad had us all hooked on snacking on wheat...i am now rehooked...and it has vitamin b e and folic acid...u just put some in store it in the cheek (if you have patience...i dont) and then it gets chewy...sounds gross but i swear its not

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


i love these....i wanna do a makeup shoot...im gonna straight up rip the glitter one its divine...
the girls are from here ...and sorry but can't remember the glitter...the image says donna irene tho
i have a serious crush on the blondie ok on both...i have serious blond fever

r.o.c.k. in the usa

i've been rounding up all my rocks and bits and yes that's a tooth...in preparation for round two of jewelry making class
but i sure wish i had the rocks this girl does....or one of her pieces....i would happily sport them ... in fact they are the kinda thing i wonder how do i not own one?


Monday, March 7, 2011


so i saw these (sorry couldn't find the closer pic)and thought maybe taco would like some...sometimes i wish his natural habitat wasn't desert...then i could fern gully his living space all up

so apparently after 20 years of making junk out of fimo and sculpey i forgot to set the oven temp at 275 and set it at 375...and burnt them crisp brown...but then after i painted them i liked it even better...it made the bottom cooler

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


so i have had a bit of a girl crush on this cute girl for awhile and i think she's so funny and lispy and i like a girl who can hold her own in the comedy world which i feel she will
and normally i side with brunettes...and just realized almost all my girl crushes are brunettes (giselle is not a crush she's a lifetime love)

but how stunning is her blonde hair!!!!

she looks so cute with it and i am totally tempted by it and want to be so  blonde now

but even as i say it i kinda cant wait for her to do dark brown next...i think it'll be equal or better...and i just can't see her staying blonde forever
also nicole and i used to play what famous girls we would be frinds with...i'd let her in the group...as long as cole ok's it of course
also i don't really wanna talk about it but i may try not to tan (so much?) this summer...so maybe going lighter will make me feel darker? i cant promise this though i'm so in love with a good tan