Tuesday, March 15, 2011

alternate ending

texts between the mom and i:
me:so are these healthy or a treat?
mom: more healthy then a cookie less then spinach...but the freshest flour around!
me: well either way i am eating them all
mom: that would be bad
me: so like as healthy as one of my granola bars but not as healthy as yours?

this should have been the ending of the last post but here's what the homemade wheat turned into
so yummy...kinda fall tasting but lets be honest fall tastes the best when its warm outside and winter isn't looming in the near future
if you want the recipe i will happily email it to you also the baking cups are from mothers and they have unbleached all natural ones...lori wanted you to know that

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  1. (raising my hand)

    tell lori to start a blog. she knows so much. all the good ph level stuff, and her awesome recipes. you take the pictures. it'd blow up.