Monday, August 31, 2009

do me a favor call me jerk one more time

i recently watched a documentary on a group of male doctors who firmly believed that pms was not a real thing and that women were making the whole thing up (it's like they wanted to get beat up) they inject themselves with the amount of hormones that an average women expieriences during this time. the outcome?
a big sobbing catfighting dysfunctional wreck and an unexplained absence of one of these esteemed doctors who has never missed a day of work or school in his phone call no very concerned they head to his house where they find the distinguished crying in bed overwhelmed and unable to leave the house
way to call our bluff guys...can't wait to see you disprove labor pains too

now i do not even feel bad for almost..well all of the following
  • eating an entire box of oreos...finished off with a everything in the house
  • honking (a lot) at an old man going 50 in the fast lane...seriously?
  • threatening the drunk girl next to me that if she picked on another girl anymore i would rip out her earrings and punch her in the face
  • telling the boy in front of me "what am i supposed to say?!" when (politely)asked if he was blocking my view
  • proposing to a stranger
  • refusing brand newfree makeup because the girl told me my color was light..and definitely not medum-medium tan
  • kissing a boy that i didn't even like...then getting mad at said boy for kissing me and never talking to him again...oh and stealing his watch(unless you read this...then sorry no idea where it went)
hey at least i wasn't crying in bed...wuss

Thursday, August 27, 2009

right through you, like you bathin' in windex

i did not touch photoshop on this...
fun cool peeps cool lighting...
and very blue water
i love mini adventures...i hate uploading so if you want more go to facebook

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

your mom and pops i'm a corporation

dear sprint cingular worker on 3900 south,
when i proposed to you today i think it came as a little bit of a shock to you
and i just really feel like if you knew the story behind it you wouldnt have renigged on your dinner least i hope.
you see the thing is i had had those numbers in my phone for a really really long time and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to delete them...i had tried everything...and the only outcome i had gotten was somehow doubling the numbers in the phone...
so not only did i have these unwanted contacts in my personal setting but now i had them twice....
i was so grateful that it took you three tries and two other phones to get the job done...i mean how sweet to not want to make me look completely incompetent ...this not only showed your patience but not to mention your jokes were really funny and i felt we really bonded whilst on this plight see im really funny much in common...
but when you finally got those numbers out of the phone it was like years had been lifed off my shoulders...and you didnt even shudder when my thank you came out as a teradactal like shriek

so you see when you wittily asked me if i would maybe like to replace some of the void now in my phone book over dinner sometime..well how could i be to blame for responding with anything other than ...
screw that marry me, im in love with you now
ok so maybe i overreacted but at the time it seemed like a fair trade to offer myself to you for time and all eternity for the service you had rendered...see not crazy at all......?

Monday, August 24, 2009

if i talk it girl u know that ima walk it out

so im in love with nars heatwave red/orange lipstick

i have always been scared to wear bright lips cuz they dont look very angelina at fact they might be real small but a few months in cosmetics has cured it...this color is bright red but real real orangey so perfect for summer ...and when i get a tan soon...

and since i couldn't find a true picture of it i did what any normal girl would do and took a picture of myself in a mirror...only mine are door mirrors so its cool not concieted*(**)

3 good things about this lipstick

1. it lasts so so so in through work a concert and a dance party

2. when you wear it you don't want to eat in fear of messing it so you get real skinny

3. boys may tell you that you look kissable or that you look like you want to kiss...either way seems like a win win...(but unless they state that as an invitation...dont ask them if it is me on this)

* dont even act like u dont pucker when u take a picture in he mirror.

** maggie uses these things all the time and they make things seem really official and i have been dying to use them...maybe i should learn what they are called...astericks?

Friday, August 21, 2009

i love my mermaids

i feel like its an idaho thing

thanks for letting me borrow your clothes

thanks for letting me eat everything all the time...and telling me i can

thanks for letting me sing as loud as i want

thanks for being good friends even when u have husbands...and thanks for finding good husbands...who are good examples

and thanks for letting me do nothing and veg and whine...

and for being really really funny (i had to include dottie in this i feel like she is the fish to my mermaids)

and for and being crafty and talented and cooking club

and for being realllly real good dancers and letting me watch step up two....lots

thanks for not getting too embarassed when i tried to beat that girl up....and laying out for hours not moving (lou u are excluded until u learn to sit still)
and for being a good date...and a hot one
and eating more

and trips

and acting like we look alike...get real ur are outa my league..and i really do think look like all of my friends...except sarah usher...i will never have those lips

all of these things goes to all of u so stop being jealous....this post is so girly ...
but i am real in a thanksgiving thats what i would say around the table kinda way

call me chilly call me willy ladies call me poppa

i went to the peoples choice awards awhile ago and i love that this is the only picture we took...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dear utah,

please stop acting like its fall...
my sister in law sent me this picture and it made me so so homesick

i miss (in no paricular order and not (but slightly) limited too)

the beach

my pool

my spa

my family


my friends...all five of them...and their antisocial ways

my dog

my room

my bed

my moms cooking

having no grid system.. i hate u grid

my art supplies

eeek i cannot decide where to i stay here or go back??!! help!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

doesn't count

i feel like i almost want to draw again....almost but for now i am making photos till i get there...of just real ordinary things...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

to the way i was before we met

dirty windows make pretty pictures
on a sidenote does any one know how o round corners in photoshop?