Monday, June 27, 2011

science fiction

scientific facts about my new career as a a pro mountain biker:

• learning to switch to an easier gear shouldn't have taken me until the way back...i had alot on my mostly yelling about how scary it was and that i didnt like it(only the first bit well the not liking it part)

• neither should locking a leg and not putting all my weight on my tailfeather no matter much junk is protecting my trunk

• said tailfeather is already displaying its' displeasure with bluish purple bruises...just take my word for it

darci and julie are the only people i will learn things with that scare me ...its a comfort/trust thing ....and im not exagerating i hate learning new things in areas i know im self concious about from people i know or infront of people...not that i dont learn from people...anyways

• when darci was teaching me about the biking 101 lowdowns in the parking lot we knew we were in trouble when i couldnt make it five feet over the pebbles in the parking lot...

• needless to say she wins most patient mountain biker award..she was such a good sport...and i think riding behind her fearless self kept me going cuz i just kept thinking she looked cool ya know..the girls i get most jealous of are the ones who can do all those cool things you know? like they go surf and ride with the boys....oh coordination you are so attractive..and elusive

• i win most improved award ...i went from being the worst mountain biker in the world to maybe not the worst...i am basing this scale on the assumption some other 26 year old girl has never ridden a bike and i'm probably way better then her....

• i didn't get one cool battle wound despite falling into a bush ...and darci wouldnt scratch my face with a branch

• i loved terrified me...but i loved it ...but it terrified me but also i loved it

and i can now add this to the list of things i think im good at cuz i've kinda done it or watched a movie about it or watched other people do it (ex. basketbal,(michael jordan videos)l softball,(league of thier own)...mountainbiker extrodinaire...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

sorry kate

sometimes i forget
"nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels"-ms. moss

maybe some of these pics need to make it to my car to combat drive thrus...
also i will be attempting to make that tee tomorow im obsessed with it

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

if you can't stand the heat

 me: mom look at these pictures of your kichen
lori: it's lori organized!

she has a good kitchen and she knows how to use it

so there you have it....lori organized

baby adam

welcome to earth !!

Friday, June 17, 2011