Monday, November 5, 2012


oh, you thought i was done posting pictures of a ceramics classroom?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

mouth watering

so i signed up for a ceramics wheel class at the local college last winter semester...

it was probably my favorite life choice ever... it's so different from any art medium i use and its so hard and frustrating and therapeutic and i love to the bottom of my heart i love it kind of turned into a relationship, at first i struggled, then i got addicted and it consumed my thoughts, and right when i got comfortable and in my rhythm it was over leaving me abandoned and wondering what to do on my monday and wednesday nights

  i don't know why i never brought my real camera and only used my iphone. the supplies alone are like eye candy to me...i love a good crumble

and let me just tell you... more than anything's the literally makes my mouth water. you guys there is clay dust everywhere and the wet room? wet earthern clay trapped in a room?! if i told you i got so tempted i ate some would you think it was weird? cuz i did not.

thug life

my sister and her daughter... who is the only one of her children who enjoys getting her photo taken...which we take full advantage of
    photo credit to my nephew brandon on this one...and travis for catching me the chickens...i like to hold them but something scares me about actually having to catch one...(i know what they did to the poor turkey)
i get so shutter happy every time i'm there but oregon is just so beautiful...maybe if everything wasn't so lush and covered in moss i could calm down.

Berthrong farm

so saying i'm bad at posting is getting redundant...but for sure this time i'll keep up on this here comes a years worth of blogging... i went to my sisters up in oregon last winter and as always it was perfect.did i mention they live on a christmas tree farm? it just doesn't get cozier. also i'm pretty sure frederick wore that exact outfit every single day i was there. why mess with a good thing?

Friday, May 11, 2012

oh hi

i haven't blogged since before christmas so saying i'm behind is an understatement, let's just blame instagram and move forward ....

I went to portland awhile ago and my sister and i did some redecorating in rue's nursery, we used wood from her backyad and just cut out butterflies and did a front and back around fishing wire and glued some to the wall....we were happy with it, but i think their cat was more excited about it then rue was...which is probably better as it keeps it safe from little hands, also i think it translates better in real life over a photo because its more fluttery looking