Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it was really hard not to use a beyonce lyric here

i took a jewelry class awhile ago and i can not wait to get back in one...i love working with metal and stones and tools that i should never be allowed to touch...oh yeah and fire. but seriously if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it....i couldn't not and maybe it's overused and not funny but i'm laughing

this one is a double band so you cut the the design out of the top and then solder it to the bottmlayer then mandrel it into a circle solder and stain and buff and voila a ring (this process is much longer then the sentence)

this one the band was found in mexico but in class you cant met down silver from there cuz you just dont know if it's real...so i just filled in the middle with a magazine cutout and put a hard gloss over it...i need to redo it though with a harder gloss

and this little gem was a wax mold...i hate wax molds...and it doesnt fit me...oops

but the coolest ring i made was a huge raw amethyst the size of my fist in a bezzle set ring which i somehow lost...even though i wore it once...i still think it is hidden in lous car...i can't talk about it...losing jewelry is like other people losing thier animals to me

Friday, March 27, 2009

you're a polkie dot

my niece likes to tell people that they are a polkie dot...to which whe quickly follows with a ...it's not mean its funny...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

some things last a long time

i am finally working on new pieces and getting them to a point i like...(this one is an old winter one..during a puffy paint phase) i love summer i love sun it makes my pieces softer and lighter...but it may be awhile before i share...i really want to go do some film and holga shots...volunteers? (the lighting lately has been perfect around six-7ish...meet me in a field of flowers...or the beach)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

when we get to heaven...

i think it might look like this.

(but only if you're reaall good...or have metcalf genes)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

if i'm gonna be brunette-i"ll do it with a bang(s)

miss jupiter? no sorry you must have me confused with someone else. i (prefer silk spector)
remember those bangs i wanted? well i couldn't hold out... when it comes to hair i can't resist change...speaking of which all this laying out is making me antsy for my light hair back....but the bangs make me feel better about the brown. and i was never big on my forehead any ways.
thanks doug

dear maggie,

your text today single handedly got me to uncurl my self from my state of wallowing unsexy misery and got my sinus infected head up and doing things ...
this picture is on a shelf on another wall(i've got 5 total shelves that is) right above this little gem...a picture of me and my bestie since high school...for some reason her mom dressed us up like this posed us accordingly and shot my all time favorite picture...how can i not have it framed it is so funny maggie this part is your true gift...the gift of laughter...at my expense...(you always told me people like vulnerability..and nothing says that more than pictures of me in highschool)
it is acrylic painted on to broken glass(i stepped on a frame)
over fabric paint bookpages shapies of course and stamps and such
on canvas

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wood eye! wood eye!

this little block of woodsits on this little shelf in my little room...and julie made that stained glass...so pretty. (colored pencil ink and magazine lips)

Monday, March 16, 2009

cococo aka the reason i started a blog

i try to stay away from real graphic looking drawings cuz they are so easy to cheat on....but when i have sharpies and hot friends i can't be stopped(promise i didn't cheat either)...and cole you're real hot...this weekend was fun and i had all sorts of adventures and didnt get any pictures! got stuck in the ocean in a kayak...brittany's bday party* dancing, baseball games, and garage sales, presents from friends and obviously too much food...also this picture looks way better on the computer cuz you can't see the marker lines...
* i am gonna finish your present i promise...it wouldn't feel like it was from me if it wasn't late?...and your bday post is coming.

Friday, March 13, 2009

just for the record

i hate running...i hate exercising... and it hates me...and for those of you who talk about that runners high..i'm on to you...its just a grown up version of snipe hunting...you are just making it up to make the rest of us feel even worse about our labored breathing and sluggish feet...so for now i will keep running...but i will not get high on it i will just hate it...but today i am allowed to shorten the run since i danced my head off to these guys last night...seems fair to me
sorry i havent posted any art...i seriously need a charger

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

always on my mind

for some reason i've been thinking about this day and time alot lately...it was probably the best chunk of life...i lived in tahoe for the summer sprouts grandma sneaking into pools kissing boys road trips to huntington spray painting, then provo with julie law and order s.v.u homemade quesidillas crocheting, then idaho with corine before she left on her mish onebedroom apt. candles starfishing mace practice mish runs at the door.. then thailand with justy soo much food sunburns fights swimmng and shopping and beach massages then summer with ash and nicole...days spent at beauty school with u two fixing the house eating the most of my life telling eachother how pretty we were dancing to fergie and for some reason this day was like the last memory of that stretch of time and i can't remember ever being happier...i miss it and i miss al my besties right now ...ash...remember when u ordered a side of mandarin oranges on top of all of our other food we snuck in to the movie and for some reason we thought it was the funniest thing ever? thanks for making us look pretty kelly

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

zebra legs

one time i went to a concert and a homeless guy said daaang she's all legs! she's effing (but real) zebra legs....still not sure what that means i am hoping he got it confused w/another animal... and i just thought it was real funny, also this story is unrelated to the picture...except she had on zebra shoes...sometimes your roomate comes out in a superhero outfit and something funny turns into a rad shot i love the focus in it. also these legs belong to this face... (the not me one)some people get it all...thanks for always being a good sport to my ideas jimba!!

i promise to update an artpiece (non photo) soon...anyone have a rebel battery charger?!

Monday, March 9, 2009

this weekend i...

did a not as cool looking version of this
and tried to get into the habit of this on the trails behind my house...but probably not enough of it to make up or all of this plus order of fries i ate while catching up on my favorite show(im seriously obsessed)

and watching this kinda made wanna cut my bangs like this....

Friday, March 6, 2009

film is not dead

i wanted to upload some summery prints i took of lou(Linds) but for some reason they wont upload ...ironic...
also is it weird i really like the combination of these pictures together even more than seperately?...i hesitated putting the horse picture up because it is the only picture people remember me taking....
but i love working with film...i actually didnt get that into photography until i started working with film...so maybe it's a first love thing
i get that lots of people hate it...it's so time consuming and tedious....
but when it comes to black and white my digital camera just doesn't do it for me like film.... for one reason with digital you can never get a true white because every pixel has to have information...so with film you can get a better highlight or contrast
anyways i heart film...
but not planning on ditching my digital camera anytime soon!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

thank you ceramics 101

of any art piece i have ever done my dad said this was his favorite the cup not the picture
if you've met my dad this makes total sense
guess what he got for christmas

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dance dance dance

made this from the trip to salvation mountain...i thought it should be to the new flo rida song but got outvoted....if you can make the screen bigger it's way better.

Monday, March 2, 2009

monday monday monday

im ready for this new week to start...only my battery is dead so i cant upload any new art pieces...but heres some of my weekend ...i just couldn't get anything the way i wanted which left me with stuff i feel only so-so about

these turned out way more morbid/suicidal than i planned...which i liked i originally posted them in color but i decided i liked the mood of the black and white better

i know, i know its a little redundant but usually i get words or phrases stuck in my head that turn into a picture...but i'm feeling slump-ish and nothing is translating from thought to image..so for now i will just write words on my body and take a picture...(which was wierd angled to do...i would love people to let me take their picture...any takers?)

and i helped make these(and by help i mean spinkled the tops on and ate so many my mom had to make more)

i will try to get my battery charged so i can upload something more interesting tommorow