Thursday, March 26, 2009

some things last a long time

i am finally working on new pieces and getting them to a point i like...(this one is an old winter one..during a puffy paint phase) i love summer i love sun it makes my pieces softer and lighter...but it may be awhile before i share...i really want to go do some film and holga shots...volunteers? (the lighting lately has been perfect around me in a field of flowers...or the beach)


  1. better yet. you and your holga can just come on up to SLC and we'll do a photo shoot HERE.

    i like that piece BTW. you make puffy paint look good.

  2. yeah! shauna! i found your blog, i'm sooooo excited! it's been so long! i miss you! hope you're doing wonderfully! you're gorgeous as ever

  3. I was in the flower fields today. Where were you?