Thursday, April 28, 2011


there is a direct correlation to my anxiety and hair...once my anxiety level hits a certain level the hair has gotta change...i am trying to keep my hands busy and distracted from doing just this with a pair of kitchen shears

but this is pretty cute too...she is so cute


aubrey's makeup for her wedding...she made it easy by being so pretty is always slightly nerve racking to be responsible for a brides face but it is also so neat to be part of their big day...she was such an easy bride to work with and knew just what she wanted
people had alot to say about the way they met but love it or hate it, it is a crazy story and an even better ending! congrats aub!! so happy for you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


do you feel like life keeps getting scarier
i feel like i used to be so much more fearless
change boys location clothes hair  friends learning knowing where you're going who you wanna be
i really should learn to sleep at more decent hours instead of blogpurging these thoughts
 but here you have them
photo from matt pond show

Thursday, April 21, 2011


well i have been real bad at posting....
i would like to blame blog overexposure stress disorder...i just invented it...i'm an esthetician so it's this dress from free people...iv'e been dying for it and it's already all over blogs ...does this mean everyone else will have it too...or that ill see it so much i will be over it before i get it...but i get a discount so who cares? and who cares if alot of people have it right? see its a real disease..but come on it's like a big t-shirt but longer and bigger..ok sold... ok its 500 skrilla unsold...besidees i feel like i can sew this...and no i have nothing to base that feeling on
why do i love all clothes that boys hate?
also i would like you to know i love summer fashion so much more...i feel it is the season best suited for messy people ...messy hair jewelry that doesn't get cold and my fingers are always bigger in the summer so rings fit better...tans and glowy skin ...the feeling of being in a bathingsuit all day i love chlorine
i wll try and post more and blog-oogle less
none of this made sense but sense i havent posted so long i'll hit publish post anyways

Monday, April 4, 2011

monday monday monday

hope you got your week kicked off as good as we did...
i mean i'm not but i feel like i should be