Friday, May 29, 2009

le familiar

so this was he original of the one that looked really similar...and this was the final one i gifted..the other was a draft i didnt like that i played with until i liked...if that makes sense

Thursday, May 28, 2009

you are welcome

go is already the cutest blog ever...i can't even handle how cute my friends are sometimes and i get real jealous so yto make up for covetous thoughts i am sharong one of the best with you...consider it an early christmas present.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

99 problems

a. meet jane

you know those people who always know something cool right before everyone else? know they pick a song and a month later its all over the place...well that is jane...and she is the best movie-picker-outer i know...

b. first she gave me this eye candy...which is everything i never knew i always wanted in a film... it also introduced me to my husband...he just doesn't know it yet...

c. and then i got was so interesting and has been on my mind...and i think i loved least i am pretty sure... it just confused me on what love is for a sec...i mean i wouldn't stalk it or burn it's eyes out but i was enthralled the whole time

d. the soundtrack on it made me want to die...but in a good way...and since i cant live in the soundtrack... i have to cover all the songs on it or my entire life will be incomplete (fact)...and i have to hurry before zooey gets to them....which brings me to

5. anyone want to start a band...i know some songs we could cover? (darc u know u want to)
and i have been practicing my harmonica...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


acid etched broach/hair cover the brass in wax and scratch off your design in the wax w a nail thingy ...then it goes through a series of acid washes and the exposed space becomes ongraven...then you polish and patina and all the what have yous and voila...
this one i used some outside sources for the design... its not all by hand
i wish i had all these supplies at home...where do you buy acid and such??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i am utah....

i went to
an island in the salt lake...
who knew...
whoever did also knows that it looks like ireland if you climb high enough,
and that there are over 500 buffalo.. and some antelope and of these is a lie...
brian took these pretty pictures..and more check out his stuff its real good,

also the cute headband is jane's...she pretty much made it...well she could!