Wednesday, May 20, 2009

99 problems

a. meet jane

you know those people who always know something cool right before everyone else? know they pick a song and a month later its all over the place...well that is jane...and she is the best movie-picker-outer i know...

b. first she gave me this eye candy...which is everything i never knew i always wanted in a film... it also introduced me to my husband...he just doesn't know it yet...

c. and then i got was so interesting and has been on my mind...and i think i loved least i am pretty sure... it just confused me on what love is for a sec...i mean i wouldn't stalk it or burn it's eyes out but i was enthralled the whole time

d. the soundtrack on it made me want to die...but in a good way...and since i cant live in the soundtrack... i have to cover all the songs on it or my entire life will be incomplete (fact)...and i have to hurry before zooey gets to them....which brings me to

5. anyone want to start a band...i know some songs we could cover? (darc u know u want to)
and i have been practicing my harmonica...


  1. i agree with a few things on this list: The Fall is the best movie I have ever seen. And Crazy Love is everything I look for/need in a documentary...shock/awe/and excellent music.
    shauna morse. you make me feel like a mermaid*

  2. crazy love was goood with three o's. have you seen "dear zachary: a letter to a son about his father"? it be on netflix instant....

  3. I will be in a band with you. I've always wanted to when I did PR for the movie Josie and the PUssy Cats, I thought, NO BIG DEAL. Let's do it.