Sunday, August 28, 2011

date night

this boy knows how to turn on the charm when its bedtime...and im a sucker so some snuggle thomas the train bedtime? who could resist...sorry lots of baby blogs comin up

chicken friend

frederick runs around catching his "chicken friends"'s hilarious to see him at it because he is scared to catch them but wants to so bad ...luckily when he runs at them at a certain angle they think he's going to mate with them and just lay down and let themselves be caught

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

good morning portland

enter scene six a.m. sleeping attractive 26 year old on a hide-a bed w a cat sleeping on her neck  ...three year old walks in and plaes face two inches from sleeping girls and proceeds to poke her.

frederick: what are you?
shauna: hi baby it's me shauna
frederick: hauna (never says the s) is it monday night?
shauna: no love i think its tuesday morning
frederick: is that douglas the cat?
shauna: yes thats douglas
frederick: is that the sun? (pointing to window)
shauna: yup its almost morning
frederick: am i awake?
shauna: i think so but maybe ou should ask your mom ...everyone else is sleeping
frederick: and hauna  that's douglas the cat?
shauna: yup
frederick: and i'm frederick...?
shauna: yup

everyone needs a little clarification some mornings

Thursday, August 11, 2011

easy living

ashli came to town this weekend so we had her dad and my cousin eric over plus my brothers family for a little impromptu barbeque...sucha fun weekend...beach trail hikes..downtown san open (gag)..our movie list..beach days...pool time...gotta love summer time

tear it up

this is what our backyard looks like today...we are completely redoing it...its gonna be so fun but in the meantime im a little stressed about the friendly lizards in our backyard...i hope they are ok!! i cant wait to post before and after pictures of the yard

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

french kiss

i was gifted this post card and it's from paris and from 1918 and thats about all i know
which means it is obviously a love letter never sent and a very romantic, dramatic thing to own...
i can't prove this
but it is written in old ink and swirly cursive so if it is anything less then one  souls connection to another in written form, (in french nonetheless)then i'd rather just not know... 
i may have grown overly attached to it...
i just can't figure out how to best display it so it serves as a bookmark for now..

Monday, August 1, 2011