Wednesday, August 17, 2011

good morning portland

enter scene six a.m. sleeping attractive 26 year old on a hide-a bed w a cat sleeping on her neck  ...three year old walks in and plaes face two inches from sleeping girls and proceeds to poke her.

frederick: what are you?
shauna: hi baby it's me shauna
frederick: hauna (never says the s) is it monday night?
shauna: no love i think its tuesday morning
frederick: is that douglas the cat?
shauna: yes thats douglas
frederick: is that the sun? (pointing to window)
shauna: yup its almost morning
frederick: am i awake?
shauna: i think so but maybe ou should ask your mom ...everyone else is sleeping
frederick: and hauna  that's douglas the cat?
shauna: yup
frederick: and i'm frederick...?
shauna: yup

everyone needs a little clarification some mornings


  1. hahaha. so good. cute little baby convo.

  2. Oh how I looooooooove that little boy with his big personality! LYLACS

  3. When does the attractive 26 year old come into the story?