Saturday, December 26, 2009

dear nicole and darci,

i kinda sorta really really wanna do my hair like this...alot blonder and shorter and keep growing my bangs out(they are getting real to my cheek bones))...three years ago i woulda done it in a seen the picture and handed nicole the kitchen scissors...but's just that i have been growing it for oh so long, you know? maybe i should just keep growing the bangs and do a long version...why do i project things into my hair? any ways its a real cute cut for sure
love, shauna
ps. sorry i always put stress into changing my hair and damage it... also the day i am content with life i probably won't make u change a thing...until then soourry
pps...ur guys comments to the utah ten gang are still my favorite and sometimes on bad days i read them and do some lol-ing so thanks for being good friends and not only not being embarassed by me...but maybe liking me more for it...

Friday, December 18, 2009

you should see the other girl

it is kinda real fun to have a beat up* makeup face when people think it is real and react funny(i take it as a compliment to my work)
atleast until you get to the gas station and maybe think the cute guy next to you is totally checking you out...until you realize it is actually concern for your face, or fear you are about to steal his the romantic comedy meet-cute for another day and another kind of makeup i guess *sigh*

don't worry guys it was just makeup...but i am flattered you thought it was real...i am real into doing makeup right now and have some fun things happening with is mandy:

i loved how the bruises on her neck turned out...(which by the way...if u saw a girl with bruises looking like someone grabbed her neck would you ask what happened? lots of people did and i thought it was weird)

it all looked alot better in real life because we shot these at night, inside, with poor lighting...and some flash...also my other disclaimer is that my makeup kit from school is basically one of those awful makeup palletes your mom gives you from CVS when you are too young to wear makeup

*just so we are clear likeing to do fake bruises in no way means i support abuse or unnecessitated** violence...(maggie can u have an ** within an *?)
**while i won the battle with the genius father (literally not sarcastically)saying that there was such a word as necessitate...he didn't believe until i showed it to him in a dictionary made of paper...none of this online anything goes stuff...however such a shallow victory...if there is an unnecassary, then why in sam's hill is there not an unnecessitate...i will store and use it in the same category as romantical...another word i am still baffled doesn't exist and am optimistic that it will

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

empty nesters

while most parents really seem to want to get their children to move out of the house and fly on thier own two wings...mine have been taking drastic measures to ensure that i stay here for life....this is now a permanent resident in my room....truth be told i am still kind of scared of it
so on days like know exacly where to find me...
someone come watch christmas movies with me...i have two comforters and like fifty pillows so i promise u will be cozy

Monday, December 7, 2009

blue blue christmas

some people dream of white christmas' thanks i will take mine sandy and by a beach...good thing i live here...laguna had the hospitality with santa,music, trolleys and treats....not to mention the best kind of snow...fake.

my favorite were the kids letters jaymi and em made for santa's house...they copied them from real kids letters...
it also may look like i toned my hair despite jaymi and kirby telling me it was the color i wanted now making it appear to now be brown...ummm definately not? eeerrrrrrr