Tuesday, December 8, 2009

empty nesters

while most parents really seem to want to get their children to move out of the house and fly on thier own two wings...mine have been taking drastic measures to ensure that i stay here for life....this is now a permanent resident in my room....truth be told i am still kind of scared of it
so on days like yesterday...you know exacly where to find me...
someone come watch christmas movies with me...i have two comforters and like fifty pillows so i promise u will be cozy


  1. COOOOZZEEEE!! me me me me. take me!!!! your rain is our snow. it is so deep here.

  2. I miss movie days :( Hopefully we'll be in bed together Soon! LYLAC

  3. My parents are EXACTLY the same. They were soooo sad when Nick and I moved out and now live 15 minutes away. They loved having us there and didn't want us to leave. I'll take it as a compliment. :)