Saturday, December 26, 2009

dear nicole and darci,

i kinda sorta really really wanna do my hair like this...alot blonder and shorter and keep growing my bangs out(they are getting real to my cheek bones))...three years ago i woulda done it in a seen the picture and handed nicole the kitchen scissors...but's just that i have been growing it for oh so long, you know? maybe i should just keep growing the bangs and do a long version...why do i project things into my hair? any ways its a real cute cut for sure
love, shauna
ps. sorry i always put stress into changing my hair and damage it... also the day i am content with life i probably won't make u change a thing...until then soourry
pps...ur guys comments to the utah ten gang are still my favorite and sometimes on bad days i read them and do some lol-ing so thanks for being good friends and not only not being embarassed by me...but maybe liking me more for it...


  1. I support anything MK&A Olsen. You go girl.

  2. you havent blogged in a while. where are you?

    oh. and do that to your hair!