Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8.9.10. ready or not here i come

2010 you are mine...i am feeling good about this year... so here is my post of accountability
  • this year is the oldest i have been...and i am living up to it ...i eat salads for meals have had taco bell once in like three weeks...i have been flossing, and getting pretty regular sleep...vitamin c is my new best friend and multi vitamins are so very 2010... add my workout goals and 2010 is gonna be one healthy couple hundred days..(workout begins when school ends)
  • i finish school in like 18 days!! you have no idea...i will be done and finished something i started
  • begin ends job life officially begins...hello bottom but looking forward to working to the top...and im gonna ...i am so excited about all the different avenues i feel are gonna happen...i have alot of groundwork to do but i really am ready
  • new home?pick a city any city ...oh boy 2010 is getting daunting
  • new career no more school? hello travel and a few little (not too little) accessories i have been wanting...julie get ready to throw my shower...u know which one i am talking about...and if u dont ...welp u can come to the other showers
  • now i just need to learn how to channel more energy,communicate with humans and be a little more nice to them, finish a few ongoing art projects and finish some up, and drop a few bad habits, i wanna market some talents and get better at some more serious sides of progression...but thats not really blog stuff...and thats all i can think know no big deal
so now i wrote it and now u saw it and even if it is too boring for anyone to read i feel like i should probably do it now or i am in trouble


  1. salads! working out! finishing school! new job! travel! business ventures! crafty artsy-ness! shauna---your 2010 is going to be a remarkable one. I'm very excited for you. I hope to be apart of some of 2010.
    i love your legs.
    and your hands.
    esp. your personality.
    and your smooth skin.
    can't forget about your glowing impeccable face.
    happy 2010.

  2. Why work your way to the top when you can sleep your way to the top?

    I can't wait to see your hot bod in '10. Come soon.

  3. I only love this post.
    But holy crap when did it get to be 2010. feels like yesterday we shared the camden apartment and would starfish and tropical dream nap our lives away. I miss you. Big.

  4. love these pics! and goals, and im planning the shower already. how could i forget??? and i loooove you, and cant wait for you to finish school and come back into my life.

  5. i feel your inspiration coming off you in waves and it makes me real happy. i love those pictures... esp the bottom one. i feel like you've changed in a real good, post bad boy, finding yourself sort of way. i know that game. i'm very proud of you. i can't wait for you to come visit me.

  6. you go girl. 2010 is gonna be good. real good.

    i'm just so proud of you! can't wait to see where this year takes you. (hopefully i'm wherever you are).

    love ya

  7. once you set your mind to do something, you can't be stopped. That's why 2010 is going to be the perfect year! So glad I get to live near you, looove you

  8. for a minute there you motivated me to get healthy too. but as i waited for the comments page to load i got hungry and reached for another handful of cheez-its. oh well, there's always 2011. :)