Friday, January 29, 2010

who do you carry the torch for you believe in anything?

me:what am i supposed to do wait around...this is stupid i hate boys...for life...writing it on my binder cover... now
lou: you need to make something
lou: also maybe don't listen to sinead o'connor
so i finished making this
...sorry low quality low light picture...i am obsessed with construction paper...i would be happy with just that as a piece...not that i don't love brittany's really lucky i have pretty-faced friends to put in my pieces...but someitmes when i am in the middle of them i feel wierd drawing someone i know...but once it is done i dont feel weird at all ...


  1. I really love the construction paper, and the ink, and brittany's face, and everything. We need to see each other soon/now.

  2. i LOOOVE it!!! and i also love having talented friends

  3. you.are.amazing. I want one.