Monday, September 14, 2009

julie you are really pretty

also can you make me this bathing suit...but in black...or a cute floral print...or a cute yellow i really want one and i need it made for me cuz i have a sloth torso, and nothing fits...and you made real cute gladiator ones...i will send you my measure ments and money...and if it makes it easier one bow seems plenty to me...she has two...see how easy i am to work with!!
this counts as modest right?
also if anyone knows where to find one like this tell me!!!! please

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i just kick it from my head

ok... so i am cleaning my room...well trying to organize and simplify it...which involves packing a lot of stuff see as a garage-sale-gypsy and thrift store junkie i have been collecting stuff for "my house" since i was like this has lead to an assortment of (totally rad) knick-knacks that are all being crammed into one in silver teapots to table settings and plates and bottles and you name it ... so anyways while in the midst of this simplification process i ran into an old report card stuffed into a box along with an art assignment that wasn't so much of an assignment, that i was working on instead of the real one i was supposed to be i found this and starting laughing wonder my dad would get so mad when i tested off the charts for reading levels and aptitude tests and then come home with one of these....

also i got a D on this art project cuz i wouldnt use the "suggested" materials...
also, also this was a progress report and i totally pulled these grades up ok?
dont worry i quickly learned the report cards were printed in graphite and it's pretty easy to change a minus to a plus sign and d's to c's and so on...sorry mom and dad... i was just honing my art skills?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

so no sane person lives in paradise california and misses utah...but i feel like i maybe jumped the gun moving here...i mean im still gonna do school and hooray for getting it done with so i can have a career or whatever the kids do these days...but i need my support team...
aka nicole i need real real bad...come visit...bring kelly...bring tyler..bring cate and grant and dottie and penny and all the chickens for all i care just get here...then tell me how wonderful and strong and great i am...oh and tan...cuz i'm really tan
julie corine? can you please come too? i just wasn't as ready as i thought to be here....maybe i will feel better once school starts and i am busy from 830-500 all day every day...
oh blog whining you just made me feel so much better...promise i will go back to making my life look funner than it may really be asap
also i have been art-ing again so i will post those soon too
photo by maile roseland

Friday, September 4, 2009

and the girls are pretty

first shoot back in the good ol' californ-eye-yay

not a lot of light but we got some good ones

lara made it easy ...good looks run in their family (i luff you joey)

not normaly a flash fan bu i like this pic... its jungley

also i need to take pics of makeup i do...any volunteers? but you have to let me do whatever i want. thanks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i'll be back utah...don't you worry...

the majority of my drive to california looked like this

and i got nervous that maybe california was burning down...(dont worry only parts f it did...and not any of my parts)

and that it was a sign i shouldn't be leaving this

or this

(teen do u feel special...i added a whole 'nother pic just so you'd be in it)

or even this

but i got here and everything is still standing...and the beach is doing just come join me at it please...thank you...and i still feel like i miss al these things...but being tan sure does help me feel better
disclaimer...just because i didn't put a picture does not mean that i do not miss you...kelly

also i start school in like seven days...then im a for reals easthetician and makeup artist...although i i already might say im a makeup artisit cuz my last job...i dont know so im just gonna say yes