Thursday, September 10, 2009

i just kick it from my head

ok... so i am cleaning my room...well trying to organize and simplify it...which involves packing a lot of stuff see as a garage-sale-gypsy and thrift store junkie i have been collecting stuff for "my house" since i was like this has lead to an assortment of (totally rad) knick-knacks that are all being crammed into one in silver teapots to table settings and plates and bottles and you name it ... so anyways while in the midst of this simplification process i ran into an old report card stuffed into a box along with an art assignment that wasn't so much of an assignment, that i was working on instead of the real one i was supposed to be i found this and starting laughing wonder my dad would get so mad when i tested off the charts for reading levels and aptitude tests and then come home with one of these....

also i got a D on this art project cuz i wouldnt use the "suggested" materials...
also, also this was a progress report and i totally pulled these grades up ok?
dont worry i quickly learned the report cards were printed in graphite and it's pretty easy to change a minus to a plus sign and d's to c's and so on...sorry mom and dad... i was just honing my art skills?

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  1. i love you. I wish i saw priceless with you! Can I see you in utah in october? can we sew or thrift together?