Friday, May 27, 2011

text love

fact i lack some major communication skills
fact i was the last of my friends to get a cell phone
fact i was the last human on earth even after my grandpa to get text ...actually (lori was the last i was second)

these things considered i am so glad i finally caved to texting (although i knew i would have a hard time communicating via written word since i have a hard time when im physically present...also it was a valid fear because half of the facebook comments or texts i send ge the reply i have no idea what you just said) if i hadn't gotten texting.. i wouldn't have pretty much gotten engaged last night...

"k seriously though i want to get married... and i know you're crazy. but your looks make up for it. same story with me. so lets do it." 

who could refuse?
i love you collin connie coco willardson...what would my life be like if you hadnt had been a crazy  kid and ur mom paid me to hang out with you so you wouldnt jump off of the roof? and what if we hadn't run into eachother in college? and what if i never got texting? im glad we are friends and i miss u!! and thanks for letting me blog about our love

Thursday, May 12, 2011

taco thursday

he kinda melts my heart


so i got into a kick doing lots of doodles like these...and then after a two week gap at work went and saw the windows were decorated almost just like this...i am pretty sure i didn't see them before but who knows? i mean who knows what my subconscious is telling me ...i sure don't