Friday, February 25, 2011


last night  had my reoccurring nightmare that taco was sick and fell out of his shell and i couldn't get him back in...and he and i are both crying ( did you know tortoises make noise...i didn't until i had one)
and today i was all sorts of grumpy and my shift at work got cut

so i wandered o a few of my favorite hidden and quiet spots in our backyard and snapped shots of them

i feel much less grumpy....oh and taco is still in his shell
also a lot of times i feel like i need to travel and go cool places for a pretty things to shoot..and lets be honest it doesn't hurt..but it's nice to remember that you can find pretty anywhere if you're looking

baby back

is how excited he got when he realized he could throw a ball from the second floor of grandma and grandpas bedroom over a banister to the first

and this little girl joined in

ooooh i miss them ....moriah brandon travis frederick rue....come back!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new leaf

so i have this dream of owning a green house slash bathroom...well a green house with a perfect claw foot vintage tub (con running agua caliente por favor) i just have this obsession with green houses...smellwise, humidity visually...when i was in chicago they have a free's the best...beautiful open park grounds, foodstands, cute rescued gimpy animals and then i found the botanical garden (green house whats the diff?) also i'd like to tell you this particular garden also has a plant in a glass case with chains around it...

stamp the yard

the other night teen came over and while we watched perfect couples (i think it's so funny!) we started making handmade first i hated it cuz it felt sloppy...but now i love how imperfect they turn out...and they just look different then store bought i'm on a stamp warpath using vegetabless and mushrooms and all sorts of weird things...i also painted some of taco's rocks he's into it i can tell...they aren't stamped but there is something really fun about painting nature made things over store bought stuff

Friday, February 18, 2011

wild hearts can't be broken

rember how good that movie was?
little post valentines pizza dinner
pretty drinks and pretty girls

but seriously such a good movie

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

reduce reuse

so all those pictures i made for that calendar..well i didn't just wanna throw them away so i decided to make them into envelopes

i did a few in craft paper and graph paper too..they make a real cozy set...but now i dont want to give them away

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sweat blood tears...

homemade peanut butter cups

handmade chocolates

homemade cookies and frosting

all wrapped up in a wooden filo-fax

oh you know just 7 hours of toiling and labor
be mine
i forgot to upload the cutest valentine of the day baby charlie...but if i do it now it may unravel this whole post...and teen and i are about to glee

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sounds good

awhile back teen went with me to shoot the sounds...we turned into photo press vip snobs...we couldn't help it though i mean if she was practically trying to kiss your face you would to...after they had a dance where everypne got headphones and they danced to the same songs but they looked like loonies dancing to nothing..we chilled on stage and judged...told you total snobs...and then we saw a rapper chitty chitty bang bang...also a dj who was going for world record time for continous dj-ing...he looked like a sleep dancer (get it sleep walker..ha)...oh and the shot of teen made it to the skullcandy blog....supamodel