Saturday, October 24, 2009

chopped liver

dear mom,

so glad you're here!! im glad i picked you to be my mom...and i'm glad we get to live together and watch romantic girl movies together, and never ever talk about kissing again...and im glad we look alike...

love your favorite daughter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i will probably still google models

but i thought it was cool and a good message...
but i am stil obsessed with this...
and i am still stuck sick at home...boring.
and now i just want a really good photoshop program...
but maybe that's not what i was supposed to take away from it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

reality bites

i have always preferred to create my own realities rather than pay attention to real ones ...especially visually...and lately i am obsessed with terrariums...i want one...i want my own little ferngully thumbelina in a jar almost all ready to begin

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

come again some other day

i for one am not excited for fall ...
so i can wear boots and scarfs and beanies...
it's southern california i could wear a fur coat with a bikini in august and noone would care...
so i really feel no need for this cold weather and am already itching for summer....i mean i love the holidays and cozy rainy weekends, but what it really comes down to is that i just feel like my summer was too short so it didn't get out of my system and i am land locked from a tropical dream vacation due to school!!! so it's tropical dreams for me...(dont worry once christmas lights up i will be just fine...cuz you were worried)
oh to be little and dirty and beachy all the day long....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

what could possibly be more embarassing than actually attending legally blonde...the musical?

probably getting caught in the bathroom with a bestie taking lame pictures of yourselves
(i mean come on they wouldn't let us eat so bad choices about time killing were bound to happen)
and acually being blonde while there....
yup all of these are historical facts that actually occured... i know im still upset about it too...lucky my friends also were aware of how ridiculous it was too and so it was super fun...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's a lotta things about me you don't know anything about, Dottie. Things you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand.

text recieved during the movie:
not me:what are you doing?
me: watching pee-wee's big adventure in the hollywood cemetery
not me:why?
me: why would i not be?!
and then we died...
then after we died i tried to chose between the dark hole below or the light from above...while britt found out heaven looks just like a page out of vogue...(seriously be a model already)
every summer hollywood forever has old movie screenings...most are scary and you can bring food and drinks and sit with hundreds of others in a graveyard ...oh did i mention pee wee and some of the other cast were really there?

cute as

while recently i have made the decision to wait until after i die to find my better half and:
a. marry a celestial being (if they let me in...which, if a utah blogger is at the gates i may be in bad form*)
b. just get there and marry one of my friends husbands...(cuz they may have been the last good ones and actually are the only unrelated boys to have really seen me grub hard eat harder and be crazy even more hardily)however this is only reliable if they both die before me..i mean really i'd be marring them for thier wives....get real (also if you are reading this and it makes no sense...just...well...i will explain when you're older)

but then i hang out with this cutest-monkey-button and i change my's are too romantic i think....and anyways some of my "if we aren't married by's" are coming up so things could still happen

*this is said with all due respect, i almost entirely kidding around, (and i dont really think i will get essays on why i probably will not are currently not necassary, im still sorting through the last ones...but thanks),come on i had to take some shots...besides i think they are all gone
also i still promise i like boys (even the ones currently on earth) and promise this is not a dating themed blog... new souls are just too cute to not make you want one...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i wanna be where the people are

sometimes the outcome is so much cooler than the execution really was
i definitely had water running out of my nose the entire time
(since when can i not go under water without it going up my nose?)
(and more importantly why was no one else having that problem?)
while we choked and coughed
and dave patiently held the shutter down despite the fact i could not stop
choking (and maybe burping)and can only hold my breath for like 2.5 seconds
and everyone at the pool was deeply concerned about our desire to get in the water while still in clothes...and by concerned i mean they thought we were insane
i still don't know how drew made it look so easy...
how do you hold your breath while looking like you are not holding your breath?
or not looking like you may have held your breath too long and died?

but teen is such a good mermaid
and dave rocks at photography and patience....
and i, well i have always been an a+ flail-er...
(dave are you proud that i actually edited something of yours and got it done?)
aleesha and jen you are up next