Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cute as

while recently i have made the decision to wait until after i die to find my better half and:
a. marry a celestial being (if they let me in...which, if a utah blogger is at the gates i may be in bad form*)
b. just get there and marry one of my friends husbands...(cuz they may have been the last good ones and actually are the only unrelated boys to have really seen me grub hard eat harder and be crazy even more hardily)however this is only reliable if they both die before me..i mean really i'd be marring them for thier wives....get real (also if you are reading this and it makes no sense...just...well...i will explain when you're older)

but then i hang out with this cutest-monkey-button and i change my mind...family's are too romantic i think....and anyways some of my "if we aren't married by's" are coming up so things could still happen

*this is said with all due respect, i almost entirely kidding around, (and i dont really think i will get in...so essays on why i probably will not are currently not necassary, im still sorting through the last ones...but thanks),come on i had to take some shots...besides i think they are all gone
also i still promise i like boys (even the ones currently on earth) and promise this is not a dating themed blog... new souls are just too cute to not make you want one...


  1. dear shauna,
    you can totally marry into our family when we die. (i say this not at all serious because,)

    A- I dont really want to share
    B- I have no doubt that you will find your own real cool, real funny, real hot and nice man (when you move back to utah of course). So my offer will never need to be used.

    and i think your the funniest girl ever!
    and i really like you

  2. just because you say "with all due respect" doesn't mean you can then say whatever you want.