Wednesday, October 14, 2009

come again some other day

i for one am not excited for fall ...
so i can wear boots and scarfs and beanies...
it's southern california i could wear a fur coat with a bikini in august and noone would care...
so i really feel no need for this cold weather and am already itching for summer....i mean i love the holidays and cozy rainy weekends, but what it really comes down to is that i just feel like my summer was too short so it didn't get out of my system and i am land locked from a tropical dream vacation due to school!!! so it's tropical dreams for me...(dont worry once christmas lights up i will be just fine...cuz you were worried)
oh to be little and dirty and beachy all the day long....


  1. summer was too short. but i am loving the Fall...though i am kinda forced to love it cause it's Cold here and only getting colder.

    can't resist little shauna. so cute.

  2. oh oh oh. i die at your baby pictures.
    and i am a summer girl through and through. can't stand this cold stuff.

  3. shauna you look exactly the same and you're still dirty but in a different sort of way. haha just kidding! i love you, let's get together, and i'm not just saying that. call me and i promise to answer.