Saturday, October 24, 2009

chopped liver

dear mom,

so glad you're here!! im glad i picked you to be my mom...and i'm glad we get to live together and watch romantic girl movies together, and never ever talk about kissing again...and im glad we look alike...

love your favorite daughter.


  1. love you
    love your mom.
    im real glad she picked you too.
    and im real glad you picked justin to date,
    and byu-i to go to school
    so we could meet and be bff

  2. gorgeous pic.

    i love your mom! and i love her cooking. tell your mom i want that green drink recipe.

  3. what a lovely picture.
    your mom is special and you are both lucky to have eachother.

  4. So cute Shawna!!! I hope you are well!!

  5. Crap, I mean Shauna. Sorry I spelled your name wrong the first time. Please forgive me.

  6. You add such joy to our home and I love having you here. You brighten my days - especially when you sing (LOUD!) I'm glad I picked you. AND, talking about kissing again would be worth it just to see all the shades of red your face can turn.
    Love, your favorite Mom

  7. i love the retro lori pic... it's great. somehow it made me all nostalgic and reflect on the time we all went shopping at the esprit outlet in sf and then sang the oscar meyer weiner song the whole trip home. good memories.