Tuesday, December 20, 2011

snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

so i love holidays but i'm not always able to convince myself to go to the big socal things for it (ever seen that scene in tangled where she's deciding wheher to leave the tower? ya me over the ward social) so i decided to have a few girls over for a little christmas girls night in dinner and cookie decorating extravaganza
  • yummy homemade tortilla soup
  • light every candle in the house
  • worlds best vegatable dip
  • cookies (duh)
  • girl talk ...lots of girl talk  and then some more girl talk that somehow ends in scary stories and murder?
  • christmas light looking( i'll post a video or you can youtube the house up the street from me has a whole light music show extravaganza...it even has a light board you can text messages to)
  • get hit on on said text-light board/have heather save chrstmas from polluters
  • the new girl christmas episode
looks like we've got ourselves an anual christmas tradition

Saturday, December 10, 2011


im a lag at blogging thses days...i blame instagram
but ts better to say thanks late than never
im grateful we get this day every year to say thanks and eat lots

Sunday, November 6, 2011

san juan

teen and i went to brunch (so much fancier) in downtown san juan at the ramos house

chicken scrambled eggs with warm apple sauce and homemade waffles

some yummy unidentified cheese and fruit with almonds and brisquets that could kill

i can't remember what teen got but it was soemthing with the word flannel in it and eggs with runny yolks

the restaraunt is outdoor seating only and is attached to someones actual house just on the other side of the traintracks down town

they have water that to me tastes like cooking flour...sounds weird but it is so good and teen said i may be right on the taste...i drink it by the pitcher...they said it's from the cucumbers they soak in it but i feel ike there's more to it

pomegranite and grapefruit juice

the tiniest coziest boutique that just got bought by some lame company that we will own and run one day...cutest coziest cottage w a side yard...what dreams may come

garden stores

met up with niccle and baby ollie

hit the amtique stores

and dragged the sleeping baby to the petting zoo so we could look at the animals

Friday, October 28, 2011

death becomes you

cami and teen and i wanted to do a halloween spooky dinner...so we did
paper goods are expensive ...but plastic that looks like metal? worth it
i own alot of items that could be in a haunted mansion
cami loves cheesecloth
cami and teen are the best and most gracious of hostesses
after painting white on my face i immediately put bronzer...
i will not be cute dead or come one month since i barely got tan this summer
candied apples are best done with two people
wash the sticks before you put them in the apple
woodstain does not come out of clothes...(sorry teen) but made excellent place cards
i'm behind the camera all night so i feel 89 percent justified in taking a mirror picture of myself and posting it on the world wide web to prove i was involved (11% still feels it may be weird of me to do)
i am sure teen will post more pics on her party blog ...i just got to em first cuz i had em ...so keep posted with her here