Friday, October 28, 2011

death becomes you

cami and teen and i wanted to do a halloween spooky we did
paper goods are expensive ...but plastic that looks like metal? worth it
i own alot of items that could be in a haunted mansion
cami loves cheesecloth
cami and teen are the best and most gracious of hostesses
after painting white on my face i immediately put bronzer...
i will not be cute dead or come one month since i barely got tan this summer
candied apples are best done with two people
wash the sticks before you put them in the apple
woodstain does not come out of clothes...(sorry teen) but made excellent place cards
i'm behind the camera all night so i feel 89 percent justified in taking a mirror picture of myself and posting it on the world wide web to prove i was involved (11% still feels it may be weird of me to do)
i am sure teen will post more pics on her party blog ...i just got to em first cuz i had em keep posted with her here

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