Thursday, October 20, 2011

therefore i am

i call my brainwaves away  i text my fingers off
i email the world
i gchat the life out of my friends
i skype every once in a while
i blog in my head more than i actually post
i facebook my face off
i nook my novels
i spotify to my ears delight
i photoshop the pretty  into my photos
i linkedin my networking self
i pin my soul away
i am caving and getting an iphone
i work at a technology company

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

-Mitchell Kapor

and i kinda feel like my face is getting blasted off

dont get me wrong i am so grateful to technology and the connectedness i maintain as well as visual inspiration that the internet has opened to me...but lately when i want to do something creative i go "find an idea" to craft or draw..and something in my hearts satisfaction goes missing...not that it's a bad thing i really want to emphasize it is so great to be able to draw from so much instead of that blank 'now what' feeling so many projects create when you sit down to do them ....but i am just itching to take a hands on art or jewelry or ceramics or film photo class ..and it is an itch this world wide web just can't scratch

signed electronically,

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