Sunday, January 31, 2010

i feel as though i jumped the gun when throwing away that crimper so many years's making me nervous this love of big hair i am having...this is turning into a hair blog sorry...but since coco has been slacking someones gotta do it..wink...kinda

Friday, January 29, 2010

i have been wearing my hair pretty much exactly like this for about three months now*(only mine is bigger curlier and frizzier and bangs going straight up)...
now as soon as i saw her do it i knew in my heart i was in the right and all the hair people at school didnt know what they were talking about when they said things like...

can i fix your can i atleast brush it?

so whats going on up here (in reference to my head)
its my hair
well can you do something with it? its out of control

what happened to your hair?...i woke up like this...well now that your awake what are you going to do about it? nothing...oh

dont blame friend lended me marie antoinette and i knew large hair was everything i never knew i always wanted...and actually have

*i try to brush it on redeemed

who do you carry the torch for you believe in anything?

me:what am i supposed to do wait around...this is stupid i hate boys...for life...writing it on my binder cover... now
lou: you need to make something
lou: also maybe don't listen to sinead o'connor
so i finished making this
...sorry low quality low light picture...i am obsessed with construction paper...i would be happy with just that as a piece...not that i don't love brittany's really lucky i have pretty-faced friends to put in my pieces...but someitmes when i am in the middle of them i feel wierd drawing someone i know...but once it is done i dont feel weird at all ...

Monday, January 25, 2010

such a vibrant thing

my sister moriah...and baby frederick...he is getting so big!
maybe he responds no to every question ..but if u ask him yes and that is what he really meant he will say yes...the lil' negotiater.

Monday, January 18, 2010

i graduate on saturday!!!!!

and i kinda love the rainy stormy weather we are having right now
a little week long winter
jane i figured we had to amp this picture up now that everyone is copying us...
too cheesy? maybe you love it?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

it's got to be a lie when he says

the more i feel inspired to do things.and get things going .and do it.
the more i feel resistance.and doubt.
and like i cant.
it's like i get this creative high and it is so great and i make all these plans.
then i get this huge comedown of doubt
all things i guess
print by rory b. who is really talented and really nice and real good company, and lets u put mascara all over his beard and eyelashes and eybrows just to see what he would look like with black hair...he looks good either way

Friday, January 15, 2010

hold up

can't remember where i found this pic...or the bottom one
sorry for the lack of phone call, email, comment, returns and overall absence in life...sorry mom that i forgot to keep my laundry going for the hundredth time...and sorry i never wake up in time to get a lunch and that you keep doing it for me despite the fact you haven't had a child in highschool for seven years...big thanks.... one more week and i am done, i feel like even though the program was only four months, i kinda feel like i have been waiting for it since i pretty much attended cosmetology school with nicole, so really this has been coming for like three years four months...
last two weeks and reason why i have not been a good friend or daughter
monday: 5pm-10pm
tuesday: 8am-10pm
wednsday: 8am-10pm

im exhausted.girls are crazy. i can wax a killer eyebrow, and i know cool words for things like zits freckles and bugbites...(milia, lentigines,wheal)
and im kinda scared cuz now it's lifetime...not the channel but like living it...eek
maybe i could live it in a house that looks like day
a;so is anyone else coveting anthros swuimsuits this year i sure miss that discount

and above us only sky

"and these
last three years
i know they've been hard
but now it's
time to get out of the
desert and into the sun
even if it's alone"

Monday, January 11, 2010

thank you notes

dear today,
thank you for letting it be warm enough to go to the beach in january, even if you' rays aren't enough to turn me brown it was just what i needed. i sometimes get a little thought out from all my overthinking, and i am at such a precipice in life so sitting on the beach today with no book,ipod,magazine and only minimal text flirting was just what i needed mixed with my "yoga" (stretching...but if a tree falls and no one hears it then i claim yoga) to feel renewed and ready to finish up these last two (and awful long houred) weeks of school and meet all the upcoming big decisions head thank you today...i'm now going to clean my room to make tomorrow a little prettier.
love shauna

dear brittany,
thank you for getting me through all three hours of church, thank you for not being embarrassed of me when i turned and waved at a boy neither of us knew in the middle of sacrament for no reason,or when i accidentally said out loud i disagree to a boy stating"doctrine" in sunday school, or when they asked our new years resolutions and i announced that mine was to get married...and wouldn't take it back when they wanted a real one...i still have no idea why i did any of those things...i'm real glad you were there or i for sure wouldn't have made it....
luff, shauna
p.s. also thanks for knowing my outfit was cute even if the sc 5th ward wasn't quite ready, and merely informed me pets were not allowed at church instead of realizing how cute a fur collar is on top of a shirt....u get it ....
pps. thanks fr not letting me make treats so we can be skinny for summer too, today at the beach i was glad for that choice.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8.9.10. ready or not here i come

2010 you are mine...i am feeling good about this year... so here is my post of accountability
  • this year is the oldest i have been...and i am living up to it ...i eat salads for meals have had taco bell once in like three weeks...i have been flossing, and getting pretty regular sleep...vitamin c is my new best friend and multi vitamins are so very 2010... add my workout goals and 2010 is gonna be one healthy couple hundred days..(workout begins when school ends)
  • i finish school in like 18 days!! you have no idea...i will be done and finished something i started
  • begin ends job life officially begins...hello bottom but looking forward to working to the top...and im gonna ...i am so excited about all the different avenues i feel are gonna happen...i have alot of groundwork to do but i really am ready
  • new home?pick a city any city ...oh boy 2010 is getting daunting
  • new career no more school? hello travel and a few little (not too little) accessories i have been wanting...julie get ready to throw my shower...u know which one i am talking about...and if u dont ...welp u can come to the other showers
  • now i just need to learn how to channel more energy,communicate with humans and be a little more nice to them, finish a few ongoing art projects and finish some up, and drop a few bad habits, i wanna market some talents and get better at some more serious sides of progression...but thats not really blog stuff...and thats all i can think know no big deal
so now i wrote it and now u saw it and even if it is too boring for anyone to read i feel like i should probably do it now or i am in trouble