Friday, January 29, 2010

i have been wearing my hair pretty much exactly like this for about three months now*(only mine is bigger curlier and frizzier and bangs going straight up)...
now as soon as i saw her do it i knew in my heart i was in the right and all the hair people at school didnt know what they were talking about when they said things like...

can i fix your can i atleast brush it?

so whats going on up here (in reference to my head)
its my hair
well can you do something with it? its out of control

what happened to your hair?...i woke up like this...well now that your awake what are you going to do about it? nothing...oh

dont blame friend lended me marie antoinette and i knew large hair was everything i never knew i always wanted...and actually have

*i try to brush it on redeemed

1 comment:

  1. i loooove your curly hair, and im so glad your finally realizing how great it is, frizziness and all