Friday, January 15, 2010

hold up

can't remember where i found this pic...or the bottom one
sorry for the lack of phone call, email, comment, returns and overall absence in life...sorry mom that i forgot to keep my laundry going for the hundredth time...and sorry i never wake up in time to get a lunch and that you keep doing it for me despite the fact you haven't had a child in highschool for seven years...big thanks.... one more week and i am done, i feel like even though the program was only four months, i kinda feel like i have been waiting for it since i pretty much attended cosmetology school with nicole, so really this has been coming for like three years four months...
last two weeks and reason why i have not been a good friend or daughter
monday: 5pm-10pm
tuesday: 8am-10pm
wednsday: 8am-10pm

im exhausted.girls are crazy. i can wax a killer eyebrow, and i know cool words for things like zits freckles and bugbites...(milia, lentigines,wheal)
and im kinda scared cuz now it's lifetime...not the channel but like living it...eek
maybe i could live it in a house that looks like day
a;so is anyone else coveting anthros swuimsuits this year i sure miss that discount


  1. 1 WEEK. coools! i'm so proud of you shauna.

    now lets get ourselves those anthro swimsuits (dying by the way. so pretty it hurts) and celebrate...on the beach.

  2. i want that house! and CONGRATS on graduating!!! :) i'm so jealous you're going back to thailand. what part? we wanna go back so bad, but living on an island thats mucho dinero makes it a lil hard until later. but we will eventually...yes we will. have fun!