Thursday, November 18, 2010

i couldn't pick a favorite rap b-day go ahead and pick yours

i thought these were very appropriate alomost bday pictures...apparently my brother and i had no shame of stealing other peoples bday wishes...and it got kinda cut off but his cheeks were definately puffed in the first one also
26...kinda freaking out...not quite ready for this one

my ages keep coming despite the fact i haven't quite caught up with where i think i should be with them
also these pictures made me realize my bday wish this year would be to please have my 5 year old nose back...please...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

stick a cork in it

so i got a cork baord in jr high....and now instead of being covered in collages its covered in necklaces...cuz im kinda a jewelry freak and hate tangled jewelry
but then i got over it so i sprayed the cork with wall texture (orange peel)

and then i made some wood push in i sawed off branches in the trail behind my house and lori came home to a mad woman in sweats and crazy hair running around with a saw (if u know me well you know exactly what this looked like...)

then i superglued myself to myself...

luckily my sister and brother in law were on the phone and googled me loose...i had glued fingers together before and didn't really think it a believer now

and voila...end product... i think it makes the wall look so much cleaner...and i like that it looks like wall too
also sara updated this blog for me so i could do larger pictures unfortunately i am and 80 year old when it comes to computer skills and lost half the pics i wanted and can't move a thing around...sorry

Friday, November 5, 2010

the club can't even handle me right now

do you ever get anxiety and feel like you can't post anything for like half a month? ya me neither...but here's some of halloweens highlights:
face painting...the boys stuck with the same ones i posted earlier
spooky fog machine

and handing out candy to the trickers and treaters

dinner place settings

the boys made ghosts we hung all over the room ceilings...and a black and orange balloon mass but i forgot to photo it

lots of pumpkin patch visits...they are like mini fairs and i love them...and it makes me miss living in a small town

me and teen partied it up...or just got ready and took pics and made some drop ins to validate the get ups...and if you can guess what we are you are officially smarter than anyone in Huntington beach

and since michael is doing the candy deal (they get 100 dollars for one year of no candy) we had to find a new way of overloading on sugar and treats this year...all homemade sweet goodness...which means i think it's practically health food...i mean a homemade donut has to be healthier then store bought right??

whats spookier then homemade antelope jerky? not sure but it's pretty tasty
i wasn't the only one excited for the sweets