Monday, January 11, 2010

thank you notes

dear today,
thank you for letting it be warm enough to go to the beach in january, even if you' rays aren't enough to turn me brown it was just what i needed. i sometimes get a little thought out from all my overthinking, and i am at such a precipice in life so sitting on the beach today with no book,ipod,magazine and only minimal text flirting was just what i needed mixed with my "yoga" (stretching...but if a tree falls and no one hears it then i claim yoga) to feel renewed and ready to finish up these last two (and awful long houred) weeks of school and meet all the upcoming big decisions head thank you today...i'm now going to clean my room to make tomorrow a little prettier.
love shauna

dear brittany,
thank you for getting me through all three hours of church, thank you for not being embarrassed of me when i turned and waved at a boy neither of us knew in the middle of sacrament for no reason,or when i accidentally said out loud i disagree to a boy stating"doctrine" in sunday school, or when they asked our new years resolutions and i announced that mine was to get married...and wouldn't take it back when they wanted a real one...i still have no idea why i did any of those things...i'm real glad you were there or i for sure wouldn't have made it....
luff, shauna
p.s. also thanks for knowing my outfit was cute even if the sc 5th ward wasn't quite ready, and merely informed me pets were not allowed at church instead of realizing how cute a fur collar is on top of a shirt....u get it ....
pps. thanks fr not letting me make treats so we can be skinny for summer too, today at the beach i was glad for that choice.


  1. Dear Shauna,

    Let me just reverse that...

    -thank-you for waving to a boy we don't know and entertaining me during church, and of course the awkward look on his face
    -thank-you for publicly disagreeing to false doctrine and/or opinions they believe to be fact
    -thank-you for saying your new year's resolution was to get married (the guys to the left took serious note of that)
    -thank-you for being shauna (pretty, stylish, witty, skinny, all around good craziness, and most importantly cunning)

  2. I want to know what the false doctrine was.

  3. I second David's false doctrine inquiry.

  4. uhg. this makes me miss you. bad.