Thursday, September 3, 2009

i'll be back utah...don't you worry...

the majority of my drive to california looked like this

and i got nervous that maybe california was burning down...(dont worry only parts f it did...and not any of my parts)

and that it was a sign i shouldn't be leaving this

or this

(teen do u feel special...i added a whole 'nother pic just so you'd be in it)

or even this

but i got here and everything is still standing...and the beach is doing just come join me at it please...thank you...and i still feel like i miss al these things...but being tan sure does help me feel better
disclaimer...just because i didn't put a picture does not mean that i do not miss you...kelly

also i start school in like seven days...then im a for reals easthetician and makeup artist...although i i already might say im a makeup artisit cuz my last job...i dont know so im just gonna say yes


  1. -thanks for the picture
    -i miss you
    -i love the pictures of your roadie to CA
    -happy your school got funded
    -i miss you
    -i'm losin my tan
    -wish i was at the beach with you
    -give saylor and brookie kisses for me
    -lets be saddleback alum together
    -come back
    -i miss you

  2. dear shauna,
    i really miss you, but im glad your going to school, and your taking care of your parents, and i really want to come for a visit, and i vaguely rememeber a text you sent that i was supposed to respond to, but forgot, and now dont know what it was, or if it was even for reals.

  3. p.s. gwen asked about you last night. i told her you moved, and she got a little sad.

  4. f.u.
    dottie and i won't miss you either biotch.

  5. nicole stop it...u dont live inutah so u dont get a utah shout out...i hink u need to read my blog before this...and calm down
    i love you

  6. shauna. i really miss you. i wish you didn't have to go, but i understand. i'll come. ps- i just love you and you're so rad, you're so pretty, you're so much better than some ;). i hope everything is going fabulous.