Monday, August 31, 2009

do me a favor call me jerk one more time

i recently watched a documentary on a group of male doctors who firmly believed that pms was not a real thing and that women were making the whole thing up (it's like they wanted to get beat up) they inject themselves with the amount of hormones that an average women expieriences during this time. the outcome?
a big sobbing catfighting dysfunctional wreck and an unexplained absence of one of these esteemed doctors who has never missed a day of work or school in his phone call no very concerned they head to his house where they find the distinguished crying in bed overwhelmed and unable to leave the house
way to call our bluff guys...can't wait to see you disprove labor pains too

now i do not even feel bad for almost..well all of the following
  • eating an entire box of oreos...finished off with a everything in the house
  • honking (a lot) at an old man going 50 in the fast lane...seriously?
  • threatening the drunk girl next to me that if she picked on another girl anymore i would rip out her earrings and punch her in the face
  • telling the boy in front of me "what am i supposed to say?!" when (politely)asked if he was blocking my view
  • proposing to a stranger
  • refusing brand newfree makeup because the girl told me my color was light..and definitely not medum-medium tan
  • kissing a boy that i didn't even like...then getting mad at said boy for kissing me and never talking to him again...oh and stealing his watch(unless you read this...then sorry no idea where it went)
hey at least i wasn't crying in bed...wuss


  1. i love this, and your short spray paint wife beater business, and all those pics at the shop. and i miss you

  2. I have to see this Documentary! What is it and where can I get it?

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I love it!! I hate it more than anything when men say we have made up our periods and that we can control our emotions. We need to start injecting whatever men say this with a bunch of hormones and see how they hold up! We will win! P.S. I love chocolate.

  4. your legs look abnormally skinny in this picture. I mean, You're always REALLY skinny....but this picture looks like your legs are going to snap in half. Matt tracks my period so he knows if my telling him off and being angry at him is legitimate....or if he needs to just wait it out and I'll get over it. I want to inject every man with those hormones. It could be real fun.

  5. name said documentary immediately.

  6. For a second I thought the name of that documentary was "some men can be so lame" but I checked. It wasn't.