Friday, August 21, 2009

i love my mermaids

i feel like its an idaho thing

thanks for letting me borrow your clothes

thanks for letting me eat everything all the time...and telling me i can

thanks for letting me sing as loud as i want

thanks for being good friends even when u have husbands...and thanks for finding good husbands...who are good examples

and thanks for letting me do nothing and veg and whine...

and for being really really funny (i had to include dottie in this i feel like she is the fish to my mermaids)

and for and being crafty and talented and cooking club

and for being realllly real good dancers and letting me watch step up two....lots

thanks for not getting too embarassed when i tried to beat that girl up....and laying out for hours not moving (lou u are excluded until u learn to sit still)
and for being a good date...and a hot one
and eating more

and trips

and acting like we look alike...get real ur are outa my league..and i really do think look like all of my friends...except sarah usher...i will never have those lips

all of these things goes to all of u so stop being jealous....this post is so girly ...
but i am real in a thanksgiving thats what i would say around the table kinda way


  1. dear shauna, thanks for picking out such good husbands for all of your friends. you will find the best one in no time. in the meanwhile, lets just keep eating and laying out, and complaining, and having girl nights, and shopping sessions, and trading clothes etc, but wait, lets just do that forever, husbands or not. and keep being best friends, and lets not forget to be neighbors with adjoining secret tunnels under our houses. and trade kids til they are the age we like. ok? ok. julie

  2. this is so incredibly cute and sweet. i love it.

  3. so sad you're leaving. but really...alls it means is that i'll be coming to visit. like we do better in California anyways. I'll come over and eat 7 layer dip and then we'll get caught in rip tides. Right?!
    I really like it when you wear red lips, and when you do my make up, and when you play gangster music, and you are the best at listening.

  4. i love my mermaids too.

    i'm happy you lived in UT. sad to see you leave. But really...i go where you go. See you in CA.

  5. i love this so much. i love you so much. and i need to come back to work on my "sitting still" capabilities...really i can do it, have faith in me. plus i miss you like crazy.

  6. I love your pictures Shawna. You are adorable. Miss you!