Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dear utah,

please stop acting like its fall...
my sister in law sent me this picture and it made me so so homesick

i miss (in no paricular order and not (but slightly) limited too)

the beach

my pool

my spa

my family


my friends...all five of them...and their antisocial ways

my dog

my room

my bed

my moms cooking

having no grid system.. i hate u grid

my art supplies

eeek i cannot decide where to live...do i stay here or go back??!! help!!!!


  1. i got a revelation... you're supposed to move to rexburg- haha. i wish. am i included in the five??? i am antisocial, so i figured i was. ohhhh shauna, you have got to read the artists way... it speaks to my soul, as it will to yours. love you.

  2. utah hates you. come back! miss you.

  3. nicole remember how i followed ur "revelation the first time i ever met u?!

  4. shuna ill support in whatever desciion (trying to be strong here) because me and you both know your husband is in the great salt lake region and ill follow you whereever. you are jsut oing to miss out on girly night and shers cooking and myy uh...

  5. HEy look, i'm a bloggin fool now a days!!
    Um, you miss all those things. i miss YOU.
    And nicole is a genius. do what she says. see you in Rexburg!!!