Monday, August 24, 2009

if i talk it girl u know that ima walk it out

so im in love with nars heatwave red/orange lipstick

i have always been scared to wear bright lips cuz they dont look very angelina at fact they might be real small but a few months in cosmetics has cured it...this color is bright red but real real orangey so perfect for summer ...and when i get a tan soon...

and since i couldn't find a true picture of it i did what any normal girl would do and took a picture of myself in a mirror...only mine are door mirrors so its cool not concieted*(**)

3 good things about this lipstick

1. it lasts so so so in through work a concert and a dance party

2. when you wear it you don't want to eat in fear of messing it so you get real skinny

3. boys may tell you that you look kissable or that you look like you want to kiss...either way seems like a win win...(but unless they state that as an invitation...dont ask them if it is me on this)

* dont even act like u dont pucker when u take a picture in he mirror.

** maggie uses these things all the time and they make things seem really official and i have been dying to use them...maybe i should learn what they are called...astericks?


  1. haha... I LOVE the asterisk. You wear it well. Just like that lipstick.

    *Maybe I want to take a trip to Nars?

  2. that's a sexy color. supa hot.

  3. red orange is sooo your color