Monday, September 14, 2009

julie you are really pretty

also can you make me this bathing suit...but in black...or a cute floral print...or a cute yellow i really want one and i need it made for me cuz i have a sloth torso, and nothing fits...and you made real cute gladiator ones...i will send you my measure ments and money...and if it makes it easier one bow seems plenty to me...she has two...see how easy i am to work with!!
this counts as modest right?
also if anyone knows where to find one like this tell me!!!! please


  1. i love it. can i make myself one too? and you need to find a pattrn, cuz im not that good. and some fabric. are you really coming up for halloween? cuz i relly hope so. and im real excited for our costumes!
    love you
    miss you

  2. it's sooo modest (it's very righteous of you to have that as a concern shauna). and super cute.