Tuesday, September 8, 2009

so no sane person lives in paradise california and misses utah...but i feel like i maybe jumped the gun moving here...i mean im still gonna do school and hooray for getting it done with so i can have a career or whatever the kids do these days...but i need my support team...
aka nicole i need you...like real real bad...come visit...bring kelly...bring tyler..bring cate and grant and dottie and penny and all the chickens for all i care just get here...then tell me how wonderful and strong and great i am...oh and tan...cuz i'm really tan
julie corine? can you please come too? i just wasn't as ready as i thought to be here....maybe i will feel better once school starts and i am busy from 830-500 all day every day...
oh blog whining you just made me feel so much better...promise i will go back to making my life look funner than it may really be asap
also i have been art-ing again so i will post those soon too
photo by maile roseland


  1. Sad Face. I would say you should stay in Utah and I would miss you if you left. Buuuuttt.... I don't live there anymore. Come to Ny and see me soon.

  2. MIss mISS you. madly. We were in Utah last weekend and sad without you. I will come visit. oh and also you're funny and pretty and reeeal skinny and smart and miraculous.

  3. miss you shauna.
    love you shauna.
    your the best around, and im real excited for when you finish school, then move back up here, get married, and live next door to me the rest of our lives.

  4. your idaho parents and sister love you and miss you, but we are very proud of you and these steps that you are taking to be a grown up. we are convinced that you are very tan, and we are proud of that as well.
    we feel the need to warn you that beauty school sucks, so get ready to suck it up, cause we aren't letting you move home until you finish.
    sorry dear, it's called tough love.
    and please try not to dye your hair dark maroon again.

  5. screw school. Come watch my kids in Germany so I can go to Greece. :)