Monday, December 7, 2009

blue blue christmas

some people dream of white christmas' thanks i will take mine sandy and by a beach...good thing i live here...laguna had the hospitality with santa,music, trolleys and treats....not to mention the best kind of snow...fake.

my favorite were the kids letters jaymi and em made for santa's house...they copied them from real kids letters...
it also may look like i toned my hair despite jaymi and kirby telling me it was the color i wanted now making it appear to now be brown...ummm definately not? eeerrrrrrr


  1. I'm glad my burlap pillow is framed and hung right behind santas head and now in everyone's pic! Thanks TUvalu!!

  2. I like how Chris took Santa immediately to task on his weight. He didn't even ask for a present which makes me wonder if he is employed, a thief, or just utterly intolerant of obesity?