Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i am utah....

i went to
an island in the salt lake...
who knew...
whoever did also knows that it looks like ireland if you climb high enough,
and that there are over 500 buffalo.. and some antelope and dinnasours...one of these is a lie...
brian took these pretty pictures..and more check out his stuff its real good,

also the cute headband is jane's...she pretty much made it...well she could!


  1. the older you get, the hotter you get

  2. and by the way, it made my life worth while that you went through the book blog and made comments. i was sooooo happy. and i'm soooo happy that you're in love with aaron (i am too)

  3. you look beeeeeeeautiful!

  4. Gorgeous. GORGEOUS!!!! That jaw line in that first picture...drool...and and what is that? Wheat? It looks too cool.