Friday, March 6, 2009

film is not dead

i wanted to upload some summery prints i took of lou(Linds) but for some reason they wont upload ...ironic...
also is it weird i really like the combination of these pictures together even more than seperately?...i hesitated putting the horse picture up because it is the only picture people remember me taking....
but i love working with film...i actually didnt get that into photography until i started working with maybe it's a first love thing
i get that lots of people hate's so time consuming and tedious....
but when it comes to black and white my digital camera just doesn't do it for me like film.... for one reason with digital you can never get a true white because every pixel has to have with film you can get a better highlight or contrast
anyways i heart film...
but not planning on ditching my digital camera anytime soon!!


  1. Well I HEART your blog. more blog please.

  2. I love the horse head. Reminds me of the Godfather.