Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it was really hard not to use a beyonce lyric here

i took a jewelry class awhile ago and i can not wait to get back in one...i love working with metal and stones and tools that i should never be allowed to touch...oh yeah and fire. but seriously if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it....i couldn't not and maybe it's overused and not funny but i'm laughing

this one is a double band so you cut the the design out of the top and then solder it to the bottmlayer then mandrel it into a circle solder and stain and buff and voila a ring (this process is much longer then the sentence)

this one the band was found in mexico but in class you cant met down silver from there cuz you just dont know if it's real...so i just filled in the middle with a magazine cutout and put a hard gloss over it...i need to redo it though with a harder gloss

and this little gem was a wax mold...i hate wax molds...and it doesnt fit me...oops

but the coolest ring i made was a huge raw amethyst the size of my fist in a bezzle set ring which i somehow lost...even though i wore it once...i still think it is hidden in lous car...i can't talk about it...losing jewelry is like other people losing thier animals to me

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  1. Um...So I think you are the definition of fabulous, just sayin :)