Monday, March 2, 2009

monday monday monday

im ready for this new week to start...only my battery is dead so i cant upload any new art pieces...but heres some of my weekend ...i just couldn't get anything the way i wanted which left me with stuff i feel only so-so about

these turned out way more morbid/suicidal than i planned...which i liked i originally posted them in color but i decided i liked the mood of the black and white better

i know, i know its a little redundant but usually i get words or phrases stuck in my head that turn into a picture...but i'm feeling slump-ish and nothing is translating from thought to for now i will just write words on my body and take a picture...(which was wierd angled to do...i would love people to let me take their picture...any takers?)

and i helped make these(and by help i mean spinkled the tops on and ate so many my mom had to make more)

i will try to get my battery charged so i can upload something more interesting tommorow


  1. if you must know. I have a hand fetish. And your hands are by far my favorite girl hands. have I told you that? i think about it every time i'm with you. creeps. the cupcakes are beautiful and I liked talking to you today.

  2. i really love that phrase (did you come up with that?) if so you are very clever. and you can take my picture anytime, you just can't tell tyler cause he'll probably get jealous of you :)

  3. coco..i said it a while ago and worte it in my journal and it came up the other day...i will take your picture and i will tell tyler...jane i am a huge hand wonder we are friends