Monday, March 16, 2009

cococo aka the reason i started a blog

i try to stay away from real graphic looking drawings cuz they are so easy to cheat on....but when i have sharpies and hot friends i can't be stopped(promise i didn't cheat either)...and cole you're real hot...this weekend was fun and i had all sorts of adventures and didnt get any pictures! got stuck in the ocean in a kayak...brittany's bday party* dancing, baseball games, and garage sales, presents from friends and obviously too much food...also this picture looks way better on the computer cuz you can't see the marker lines...
* i am gonna finish your present i wouldn't feel like it was from me if it wasn't late?...and your bday post is coming.


  1. Sharpies? Amazing. It looks screen printed. Well done.

  2. Shauna you are so talented!! I'm very impressed.

  3. ps- do you remember when I had to do a coloring contest in beauty school and you colored it for me and I won?? hahaha. good times.